Perfect for summer: New café makes exotic bubble tea

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Slotsgade has a new resident.

At number 31C, Moon Coffee & Tea has moved in, and as the name suggests, they serve beverages.

More specifically, you can buy the Asian favorite ‘bubble tea’, as well as iced coffee and Moon Special Drinks, which are a kind of homemade soda.

With the lovely summer weather, this week was the perfect time to visit the new place.

What we ordered

There isn’t much space to work with at Moon Coffee & Tea, but the hospitality is immense.

The owner, Viet Hoang, welcomed us and immediately asked about our preferences. Should it be sour or sweet?

In the small café, they operate based on sweetness levels, and you can choose between 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

After expressing our wishes, he began crafting four cool and colorful drinks.

We were served Moon’s Favorite, Hulk, Yummy Tea, and Tea Rex.

Moon’s Favorite falls under the category “Moon Special Drink”. It is a fizzy soda drink consisting of passion fruit and raspberry, which we had topped with boba.

Our verdict? It tastes like a Filur! The flavor is bubbly, intense, and delightful.

The flavor is a bit more subdued in Hulk, which is a mix of kiwi and green apple.

The tartness could be even more pronounced, but this comes from someone who looooves sour candy.

The third drink is Yummy Tea, which has all the tartness we were looking for. It tastes of pineapple and the Asian fruit kumquat.

Last but not least, we have Tea Rex, a traditional bubble tea with tea, milk, and mint flavor.

The owner told us that it’s an alternative interpretation of matcha, which tends to be quite bitter. With the mint, you avoid the bitterness and get a lot of freshness instead.

This was the highlight of the day. Like matcha, you either love or hate the taste, and we loved it.

Vietnamese iced latte on the menu

At Moon Coffee & Tea, they aim to offer fresh and unique flavors at good prices.

We can definitely check all those boxes.

We also commend them for their focus on sustainability. The plastic cups you get your drink in are reusable and dishwasher safe.

In the future, you will be able to stop by Moon for a discounted refill.

In addition to bubble tea and soda drinks, you can also get Vietnamese iced latte, called cà phê sữa đá.

“The drink consists of strong, dark-roasted coffee, typically Robusta beans, brewed over a layer of sweetened condensed milk and served with ice.

The result is a powerful drink with a unique balance of bitterness, sweetness, and a creamy texture,” Moon Coffee & Tea writes about the coffee.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try it, but we have noted it for a future tasting.

You can read more about Moon Coffee & Tea here.

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