Plenty of activities around town: Here’s your summer guide to Aalborg

by Aleksandra Kopacz

Summer has officially begun, and so have the summer holidays.

For many, it is a long-awaited time for fun and rest. The time when you can pursue your hobby, spend time with your family, travel to a new place, take a break from the hectic life and relax (finally!).

Let’s be honest – everyone likes holidays.

What about summer here in Aalborg? How can you spend your vacation in this charming town and its neighborhood?

Below you can find a few of my suggestions.


If you like water activities, this is perfect for you.

GreenKayak is an environmental-friendly initiative, which enables you to kayak for free while collecting waste from the water.

Thanks to this idea, you can not only spend your time actively outdoors but also it’s a perfect chance to do something positive for the environment.

It doesn’t cost anything. The only two conditions you must fulfil to use the kayak are to:

  • Spend your time on the water collecting waste.
  • Share the experience on your social media using #GreenKayak.

You can book your GreenKayak in Aalborg right here.


If you have a soul of an explorer and you find solving puzzles fun, you should try Geocaching.

All you need is to download the app Geocaching® on your phone. The next step is creating an account and starting the adventure!

The game is about finding hidden caches, which are stashed in various places by other participants. It is a bit like playing a treasure hunter with the difference that the caches are not valuable. To find the object you need to read the hints given and often solve a riddle.

Why is it fun to take part in geocaching?

First of all, you get satisfaction from completing your mission and finding the object. Besides, you can discover many interesting places during the search.

Moreover, by solving puzzles you increase your general knowledge about certain matters (depending on the type of the riddle). The questions can be very creative and intriguing.

You can play geocaching not only in Aalborg but all around the world!

Vestre Fjordpark

Vestre Fjordpark is a perfect destination for scorching days.

Located in the west of Aalborg, the bathing spot is a great place to swim, jump from a diving board, sunbathe or play volleyball.

You can also find a water climbing wall and obstacle course.

In case you get hungry, Aalborg Streetfood offer a wide variety of different cuisines just around the corner.

Take your friends and have fun!

Photo: Aleksandra Kopacz


This tiny little island is a stone’s throw from Aalborg harbor. It takes only a few minutes to get there by ferry, which goes every half hour and costs only 20 DKK one way.

Egholm will impress you with its beautiful landscape and nature. There are a few walking (or biking if you prefer that) routes you can take around the island.

Furthermore, it is worth knowing that the permanent resident of Egholm is a troll. Finding him is often the main mission of the visitors, who write their names on the stones after completing the task.

The troll is made of recycled materials by a Danish artist Thomas Dambo. You can locate his works on this map.

Photo: Aleksandra Kopacz

Blokhus Fly-in

During this event, multiple planes of various kinds land on Blokhus Beach, which is not that far away from Aalborg (around 40 km).

At Fly-In, you have an opportunity  to view the planes up close after their touchdown on the sand. You can also talk to the pilots and ask them questions.

They are ready to tell you many things about their aircraft as well as share stories about experiences in the air.

Besides that, there are other attractions, like voting for the favorite plane. What exactly will be included in the program for 2022 is not known yet. Nevertheless, surely the event is not going to disappoint aviation enthusiasts.

This interesting tradition will be continued this year on August 21.

Fårup Sommerland

Are you a fan of rollercoasters and adrenaline? If so, then this place is meant for you.

Fårup Sommerland is an amusement park located only around 40 km away from Aalborg. You can get there by taking a direct bus number 92. You can find the schedule here.

The amusement park offers also water attractions – the aquapark in Fårup is considered the biggest in Denmark! Therefore, it would be best to plan the trip there on a sunny day.

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