Police seeks witnesses after stabbing: Individual in critical condition and several suspects

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Mathias Gregersen Larsen
Photo: Mathias Gregersen Larsen

Yesterday evening at 21:10, the North Jutland Police received a report that a person had been stabbed on Beatesmindevej in southern Aalborg.

North Jutland Police immediately dispatched a significant number of patrols to the location as soon as the report was received by the emergency center.

Upon arrival at the crime scene, police patrols confirmed that a 21-year-old man had been stabbed.

The young man quickly received treatment from a summoned ambulance, and he was transported to the hospital for further medical attention.

The victim is in critical condition.

Status of the investigation

As of this morning, there is not much new information in the case.

The duty officer at North Jutland Police, René Kortegaard, told Nordjyske that they have several suspects in the case that they are looking for.

“We have some individuals we would like to talk to about the case, but so far, we have not located any of them,” he said to the media.

Extensive investigation ahead

Therefore, the police are still seeking witnesses in the case.

In this regard, Karsten Kristensen appeals to the public:

“We are looking for witnesses. Plain and simple. If you have seen anything before, during, or after the assault, you should immediately call us at 114.

It could be, for example, if you have seen people running from the scene shortly after the incident, but it could also be other observations you have made,” says Police Commissioner Karsten Kristensen in a press release.

The police are now facing a significant investigative task. This means there will be visible police presence in the area around the crime scene, and there may also be more visible police in the rest of the city in the coming hours.

As a result of the stabbing, the police had set up a mobile police station on Beatesmindevej earlier today.

“We would like to hear from witnesses in the case or those with information. Likewise, anyone is welcome to come by our mobile police station if they need to discuss the incident from last night,” the police states.

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