Popular café expands: Aktuel takes over LaTur in Hasseris

by Shellie Boudreau
LaTur in Aalborg.
LaTur in Aalborg.

Hasseris Bymidte, located just outside Aalborg center, is growing rapidly and becoming more attractive.

Soon the location will host one of Aalborg’s most popular cafés. 

Aktuel, on Budolfi Plads, is opening in Hasseris Bymidte.

The location for the opening is practically ready, as there is little required for a renovation. The restaurant LaTur just closed, and Aktuel will take over the premises. 

Luxury selections on the shelves

The star-chef Dennis Juhl and Frederik Østeraa opened LaTur just last year.

Latur was a deli, wine bar and takeaway restaurant in Hasseris Bymidte and an extension of two successful restaurants in Aalborg center, TexTur and Struktur.

But now Dennis Juhl is handing the keys to Lars Helmuth, the owner of Aktuel.

“LaTur has been a big success from day one, and we were happy to open this type of café.

We opened LaTur and sold many luxury items, such as the world’s most expensive dried ham, truffles, and wine.  However, when one considers what is happening today, we can expect luxury goods will be in demand less. 

Indeed, when the economy is hit hard, so too are purchasing luxury goods.

Frederik Østeraa and Dennis Juhl hand over LaTur to Aktuel.

Therefore, we believe it is the right thing for LaTur to hand over the keys to Aktuel and their concept. In this way, we can keep 100% of our focus on our core restaurants in Aalborg,” Dennis Juhl says to MyAalborg.

Rapid developments in Hasseris Bymidte

For Lars Helmuth the opportunity to bring his popular restaurant concept to the center of Hasseris Bymidte was too good to pass on.

“I live out there myself and can see how quickly and fantastic the new developments in the location are. The premises are becoming more attractive, and I believe Aktuel will be a good fit.

We are bringing the well-known Aktuel menu from Budolfi Plads, so people know what to expect.

We also plan to use the space to host work-related events and private arrangements.

People have been asking for our concept in these arrangements, and it is something we miss,” Lars Helmuth explains.

Aktuel plans to serve their famous smørrebrød (open faced sandwiches), known as Aalborg’s best, in addition to burgers, sliders, good coffee, and cake. 

The plan is open a place where you can get a delicious lunch or enjoy a nice cup of coffee in a cozy location.

Moreover, Lars Helmuth does expect a lot of takeaway orders as well. 

“Parking and accessibility to the location will create more opportunities as it is easy to find a spot in Hasseris Bymidte, which will also help.

We believe more accessible parking will lead to many takeaway orders, and we hope that both businesses and the locals will support us in our endeavors,” Lars Helmuth says.

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