Potluck and board games: Elsk Aalborg invites internationals to anniversary party

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Elsk Aalborg International
Photo: Elsk Aalborg International

The local non-profit organization Elsk Aalborg International is turning seven and to celebrate, they’re hosting a birthday party on Thursday, September 15.

Elsk Aalborg International is known for their free Danish classes and welcoming community that embraces all internationals – whether they’re students, refugees, or expats.

In that spirit, they’re inviting everyone to join the party and encourages people to bring their families and friends as well.

The event starts at 14:00 with coffee and during the day there’ll be a wide array of fun activities; from Danish classes to board games and a potluck. The organizer emphasizes that you can stay the whole day or drop in whenever you feel like it.

Bring food for the potluck

Dinner starts at 18.10, and guests are encouraged to bring a portion of food for the multicultural buffet.

Elsk Aalborg International states that you can buy soft drinks and beers at the bar for just 10 kr a piece.

Elsk Aalborg International’s program:
  • 14.00 Coffee is ready
  • 14.15 Danish class all together
  • 15.00 Danish class in groups
  • 16.00 Help set up tables, decorate, and prepare your food
  • 17.45 Arrange your food on the table
  • 18.00 Welcome
  • 18.10 We eat delicious food together
  • 19.00 Awesome surprise activity
  • 20.00 #Hygge = Board games, table tennis, foosball, music, chatting

Read more about the event here.

What: Elsk Aalborg International birthday party
When: Thursday, September 15, starts at 14:00
Where: Hjulmagervej 28, 9000 Aalborg

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