Preparations are underway: The city’s Christmas lights will soon be switched on

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

It’s not proper Christmas in Aalborg until the beautiful Christmas lights are lit in the city center, creating the perfect atmosphere for eating roasted almonds and buying gifts.

The lighting will take place on Friday, November 13, but this year, unfortunately, we have to do without the big party.

“We must acknowledge that COVID-19 is interfering with the larger festivities but we will make sure that the Christmas lights are turned on when the sun sets Friday, the 13th of November.

We hope that many will use this opportunity to buy their first Christmas presents from the stores,” Flemming Thingbak from Aalborg City says.

Even more Christmas lights in store

This year, there’ll be even more Christmas lights in Aalborg, and that’s because the area around the new Budolfi Plads is getting a serious Christmas makeover that includes both Christmas trees with lights and the classic Christmas lights. 

Naturally, it’s a big job hanging up over 125 garland lights in the city and therefore, the electricians are working from dusk to dawn to make the deadline.

“We bought our own Christmas lights a couple of years ago, which are power-saving and more brilliant, giving a stronger visual experience as you walk around the city center,” Flemming says.

Stores are working together to create a Christmas atmosphere

The characteristic Christmas lights in Aalborg’s streets will shine because of the support from all the local stores.

“We are incredibly proud of the stores in the city center, which are providing support for the Christmas lights and decorations – especially due to the hard times we’re going through right now,” Flemming Thingbak says.

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