Press conference: Here are the new corona-restrictions

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

When Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and the government call for a press conference these days, it’s almost assured that new restrictions will be enforced.

This was also the case today at 15:00 when they shared new updates about the current state of the corona-virus in Denmark.

As many media outlets had learned before the press conference, the main message was that the level of risk has been raised from 4 to 5 and as a result, the assembly ban has been lowered from 10 to 5 people. This means that you’re not allowed to gather more than 5 people, and it goes into effect tomorrow, January 6.

Additionally, the requirement concerning social distancing is further sharpened as you now have to keep 2 meters distance from others – in grocery stores and also outside when taking a walk.

“The restrictions we have right now are not enough,” Mette Frederiksen said.

The sharpened restrictions are a consequence of the mutated variation of corona, which stems from England. It is as such not more dangerous but it is more infectious.

Mette Frederiksen also encourage citizens to stay as much home as possible – so far until January 17.

“Avoid meeting other people from outside your household and those closest to you. Cancel all the plans you can,” the Prime Minister said.

Many political parties have tried to get kindergartens and daycare institutions to shut down but the government is not taking these measures yet.

Since Monday, there’s been found 1992 new infections of corona-virus in Denmark out of 74.797 samples. That is a percentage of 2.7.

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