Quench your thirst: Iced tea deliciousness in Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

Today, many are embracing a digital nomad lifestyle, if not globally, at least locally here in Aalborg.  Especially when the weather is beautiful, we see people exchanging their home or work office for cozy and sunny spots in the city center.  

As the sun shines brightly, the real estate of free café tables with chairs goes to the earliest bidder.  First come, first served. 

So, when sitting out in the sun for work, leisure, or even better, leisurely work, an iced tea to balance the heat is what many seek on these warmer days.  

There was a constant flow of ice tea requests at We Feat during working hours on this hot summer day. Indeed the public has spoken. Located on  Boulevarden, We Feat is one of several places with delicious ice tea on the menu. 

We have some ice tea insights below if you are in the mood for a refreshing alternative to an iced coffee.  

Cafeministeriet: Classic

One thing Cafeministeriet is known for is the open boulevard of café tables on Møllegade.  A prime and beautiful location for relaxing and eating out.  With plenty of tables and many delicious items on the menu, Cafeministeriet also has a peach-flavour iced tea drink.

The iced tea was immediately refreshing, topped with extra ice, as is needed for these higher temperatures.  Tea can be naturally bitter; thus, adding sugar helps round out the flavour. With the right amount of ice, as was in mine today, there was a perfect balance of needed sweetness.

The drink size was appropriate and similarly priced to their soft drinks and sparkling water (Danskvand) for 38 kr.  Here you can expect a decent ice tea drink for price and location.

We Feat: Extraordinary

Once you sit down and get comfortable, you notice all the details that make ordering food and drinks at We Feat so unique.  The music is upbeat, and the service is friendly and patient.  With my laptop now open, I noticed my writing speed instantly increasing.

Marked clearly on the chalkboard for all to see is Homemade Ice Tea. Upon arrival, I had two choices: The Nice Tea and Manga Mana. 

Perhaps my science background or risk-taking personality led me to opt for their experimental offer – Manga Mana.  Regardless, the Manga Mana is nothing short of an extraordinary laboratory discovery.

Combining maple syrup, thick mango juice, Matcha (tea), and a generous amount of fresh mint create a perfect blend. I felt nourished and refreshed. A round of applause to the brains behind this iced tea elixir.

Like all the delicious food bowls on the menu, the ice tea is homemade and 100% organic.  Another great consideration is price, the ice tea costs only 40 kr.

 Penny Lane: Distinctly Authentic

 Just a few steps away from We Feat, you can find a cozy corner café with a year-round nutcracker to greet you at the door. Once inside, you may notice Penny Lane is a bakery, café, and boutique rolled into one. 

Being a fan of many items on the menu, today was the right day to try their iced tea. As a To-Go order, the iced tea is generous in size, full of crushed ice, with a large paper straw and lid to stop spills.

Most notable was the distinct flavour fitting for a Penny Lane twist. Instead of a classic lemon or peach, the homemade iced tea is brewed from a unique tea blend of rooibos and wild berries.    

Penny Lanes’ iced tea is distinct and simply sophisticated. With every sip, you begin to understand the flavour more.

A large serving, great taste, and not too sweet, this iced tea will satisfy your thirst and costs 52 kr when ordered To-Go and 55 kr when sitting at the café.

Boba Drop: Candy Store Fun

Visiting Boba Drop, located on Bispensgade, does not require warm weather; however, the sun does compel you to experiment more with cold drinks. So why not opt for a cool drink experience?

When arriving at Boba Drop, which offers bubble tea, you wonder if you have walked through the looking glass. What I thought would be a tea store felt more like a candy shop or perhaps even an ice cream store with at least 25 choices.

Cold drinks resembling a classic lemon or peach and sweeter tea flavours like Passion Fruit or Grape Green are on the menu. Yet there are more than just flavour options that make Boba Drop a fun experience.

After ordering a Strawberry-Lemon Green Tea, there are additional choices of bubble drops. Now the ice-cream parlour experience enters, and you can choose from an array of fresh fruits and tiny droplets of flavour. 

These droplets are sweet flavour-packed bombs sitting at the bottom of your drink. Fear not; there is a remarkable accessory – the widest straw ever! The overall experience is hard to capture with words alone. Thus we recommend you check it out for fun with family and friends.

 A good size beverage made for walking and talking, the bubble tea options range from 42 – 55 kr.

Home: Relaxing self-care

Sometimes working from home is the next best thing to working in the office on warm summer days. So, fortunately, if visiting the city center is not an option, making homemade iced tea may be easier than you imagined.

The main ingredients are tea, sweeteners, such as sugar or honey, and ice. If you have access to mint, perhaps in your herb garden, you can grab that too and level up your homemade tea. 

Even better, consider buying the unique tea blend Penny Lane uses for their sophisticated taste for 50 kr.  Alternatively, stop by We Feat and grab their iced tea, served in a To-Go bottle fit for the fridge.

What: Ice tea in Aalborg
Where: We Feat, Bubble Drop, Penny Lane and more
When: Year-round

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