Quick-test sites have closed: Here’s our future testing options 

by Shellie Boudreau

The last quick test site is now closed. So if you need to be tested, you have two options: choose a self-test kit or get a PCR test. 

The Danish Critical Supply Agency announced this in a press release.

The demand for quick testing is remarkably lower now that the corona passport is no longer required.

Therefore the quick testing center at Gammeltorv, City Syd, and on Løvbakken in Nørresundby are now closed.

There will be a continuation of PCR test facilities throughout the country. 

In Aalborg, you can get a PCR-test at Aalborg Universitetshospital Syd, Vejgaard Bymidte or Nørresundby Idrætscenter.

 You can find more info here.

Introducing a Staircase Model

The director of The Danish Critical Supply Agency, Lisbet Zilmer-Johns, says:

”When we close the last test centers, it marks that we are in a solid position to manage COVID-19. For more than a year, the regions, private organizations, and thousands of individuals worked together to accomplish this tremendous task. 

Over shorter intervals, the testing centers operated to match the rising and falling demands. Now we are looking forward to brighter days without a lot of testing, and people can test themselves at home while we monitor the situation closely and continuously.”

Earlier last week, a staircase model for gradually reducing the capacities for PCR testing was introduced.  

The model is easy to implement and reflects how many PCR tests are utilized.  

Currently, the capacity is 140.000 PCR-test a day.

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