Ramen on the menu: Delicious Asian dishes at fair prices

by Ashton Christensen


A year ago, the coziest little Asian place opened at Vesterbro 74.

They promised authentic ramen with plenty of flavor, excellent service, and fair prices.

And now, a year later, MyAalborg is back at the restaurant Sanwe Ramen to ask owners Haiying Yang and Weihe how the people of Aalborg have welcomed them.

Before we dive into the welcoming, Haiying Yang addresses the incident in the restaurant in February this year, where his wife’s finger got caught in a pasta machine. The incident was mentioned in the local media.

“We had many people come to our aid. Our customers called 112, and paramedics freed her finger from the machine. We want to say a big thank you for all the help and care,” says Weihe.

And she smiled, “We’ve gotten a larger and, not least, safer machine now.” Fortunately, Haiying’s magical hands can continue to craft the traditional ramen by hand.

Sanwe Ramen’s most popular ramen variant is Ramen Tonkotsu.

Ramen Tonkotsu is Sanwe Ramens most popular ramen-variant.

Nothing but great reviews

The couple shared that Aalborg has warmly welcomed them, and the affection is undoubtedly repaid.

Taking a peek at Sanwe Ramen’s Facebook page or Google profile, you can find a fountain of great reviews.

It’s not surprising at all if you have visited the restaurant and tasted their food.

As we wrote when we first visited Sanwe in 2022, their ramen is “impressively delicious.

Their ramen is served in a large bowl, filled with meat, eggs, fresh vegetables, and herbs – typically kimchi (fermented cabbage), mushrooms, spring onions, bean sprouts, and wantons (small dumplings). And, of course, the ramen noodles, homemade with wheat flour.

The long-simmered broth provides a rich umami flavor. The handcrafted noodles and fillings offer satisfaction and delightful experiences for both eyes and taste buds.

Is this still true during the summer of 23’?


And the prices are reasonable. A bowl of ramen starts at only 115 kroner, and it’s a satisfying meal, to say the least.

You can also enjoy spicy ramen, such as Ramen Tantan.

You can also get spicy ramen, like Ramen Tantan.

A trained ramen chef.

The secret behind the delicious Japanese dish lies in Haiying’s expertise. She is a trained ramen chef who has been making homemade noodles since she was six years old.

That’s why Sanwe takes great pride in making everything from scratch, from their noodles to their soup, and using fresh and high-quality ingredients.

“We’ve had customers say that our ramen is just as good as the ones they’ve tasted in Japan,” Weihe says.

In complementation with eight different types of ramen (including a vegan option), you can also order a variety of Asian appetizers.

You can choose from options like dumplings, fried gyoza, chicken kara-age, bao, and more.

Sanwe Ramen is open every day from 12:00 to 21:00. You can also order their food for takeout. Read more about Sanwe Ramen here on their Facebook page.

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