Rare sight: There’s a good chance you might experience northern lights tonight

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Normally, you need to travel quite a bit further North if you want to experience the amazing natural phenomenon northern lights.

But tonight you might have the chance locally. According to astronomers you can spot the lights right here in Northern Jutland.

TV2 Nord writes that there’s a high probability that northern lights will appear across Denmark, and the odds are the highest in Northern Jutland.

It’s a so-called G2 geomagnetic storm, which hit earth’s magnetic field Sunday night, that makes the phenomenon possible.

Drive out of town

There are certain conditions that are vital if you’re to spot the lights. The most important being weather conditions.

“If you want to see northern lights it is preferable that the sky is clear of clouds. Otherwise it is difficult to see anything.

On top of this, it is a good idea to move away from the artificial lights in residential areas and preferably as far north as possible. The conditions are especially ideal by the coasts,” Allan Hornstrup, scientists and astrophysicist at DTU Space, said to MigogAalborg back in 2019 when northern lights also made an appearance.

The best location is by the coast with a free view to the north so you can look at the horizon.

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