Ready for a swim: Vestre Fjordpark new season starts soon

by Ashton Christensen

Whether you feel like jumping back in the blue waves or just want to get out and enjoy the sight of the fjord, outdoor swimming and lots of life, we have great news for you.

The water is finally back in Vestre Fjordpark. This was announced by Aalborg Municipality on Facebook.

In early March, we reported that the pools were being drained due to an extensive spring clean, which included scraping sand from the bottom, laying new sand, and checking all the woodwork and bridges to ensure they were tip-top and ready for the new season.

The bathing season officially starts here

The bathing season officially starts on June 1st, but it won’t be long before the diving boards open again.

However, the 10-meter board will first open when the season starts and only when lifeguards are on duty.

Café SALT will reopen with ice cream and refreshments as the warm weather returns.

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