Ready for December: These are the Christmas delights you must try in Aalborg

by Ashton Christensen

We’re finally in the month of Christmas.

The coziest month of them all started in style with a snowstorm. You can hardly imagine anything but snuggling under a warm blanket with Christmas music on full blast.

We think it’s about time for some festive spirit. And we aren’t talking about Santa Claus in a short skirt.

We mean something rather delicious of the kind to munch on and make your taste buds scream along with All I want for Christmas is yoooou …

In celebration of December, we’ve hit town and found some of the most unique and Christmassy snacks we’ve been able to get our hands-on.

Let’s start from the end – shall we? And allow yourself to be tempted… by all of them. I mean, it is only Christmas once a year?

Christmas rumball at KaffeFair

KaffeFair Strandvejen is already known and loved for their amazing rumballs, and the secret is real rum and the best ingredients.

But of course, it’s been decided to give the rumball an extra cup of love in celebration of Christmas. This is why you can get a special Christmas rumball.

The Christmas in the rumball comes from adding a hint of cinnamon and caramel chocolate. Not too shabby!

It’s nothing short of brilliant, and we have to say that KaffeFair hits the spot with the flavors we pre-tested for you the other day.

The interior dough, coated with sweet caramel chocolate, is velvety smooth and with the perfect taste of cinnamon … and rumball.

A literal bite of Christmas. It won’t be the last time in December we’re trying it. 

15 kroner for one or 50 kroner for four.

Christmas hot chocolate at Surdejsbageren

Admittedly, we weren’t sure if we’d love the new Christmas hot chocolates from Surdejsbageren.

In the pictures, it looked like Santa himself (and all the elves in his workshop) had thrown up all over them … and “less is more” as they say.

However, we gave Surdejsbageren’s Christmas drinks a well-deserved chance and ordered (like usual) one of each.

You can choose between three different kinds at the bakery: The Classic, Caramel Love, and Cookie Crunch. All three have real Valrhona chocolate and whipped cream. The hardest part is choosing which one to taste. 

The classic is decorated with crushed peppermint balls and candy cane, while Caramel Love is sprinkled with caramel syrup, salted caramel sauce, homemade Daim, and Vanilla Christmas trees.

Cookie Crunch is a cheeky version with cookie syrup, chocolate sauce and of course crushed, home-baked cookies. Maybe now you understand what we meant with the introduction?

The conclusion is all three chocolates taste eminent. Yes, they are sweet, but you can taste that thought behind selecting ingredients and their composition.

And on top of this, they’ll look fu***** fabulous on Instagram.

Christmas hotdog on Gammeltorv

… and now on to something that might not precisely be pretty on Instagram.

At the Christmas market on Gammeltorv, you can visit the sausage stand, which lures with Aalborg’s probably largest meal, namely a gigantic hot dog measuring no less than half a meter.

The hot dog is fun and different – and it’s super delicious for a giant frankfurter.

The ingredients have been carefully selected for flavor and satiety.

You get to choose the side dish for the sausage – but don’t worry about going hungry, no matter what you decide.

The price of sausage is 100 kroner.

Christmas burger by Caféministeriet

We may never get tired of praising Caféministeriet’s monster Christmas burger because it’s terrific.

In addition to double duck (confit and grilled), the giant burger is like a gift filled to the brim with delicious ingredients such as mayo, gravy, and homemade jams. Healthy for both body and soul.

Especially at Christmas times… and maybe especially if you have plans of playing Santa on Christmas Eve.

The Christmas burger has been updated, or perhaps one can say upgraded this year. You will also get a portion of Cafèministeriet’s rough-cut fries this time.

In addition, a beautiful layer of “Meny” Chips is on top, so you’ll have plenty of dipping with gravy and dip.

Christmas croissant at På Fjorden

For real: We LOVE På Fjorden. We love their beautiful croissants and even all of their other baked goods for that matter. Yummy.

Well, this article isn’t about praising baked goods, but we’ve written lots of those before.

It’s about praising Christmas, and all that follows – and here we must and can mention På Fjorden’s newest idea: Christmas Croissants.

The Christmas croissants are available and spiced with the best spices of Christmas. The spices bring a sharp and Christmassy taste that makes the already amazing croissants even better.

At least if you love Christmas. And we do if you hadn’t realized yet.

In addition to the fantastic Christmas taste, it’s probably worth noting that the croissants at På Fjorden will fill you up.

We love everything about it!

Christmas buffet at Duus’ Vinkjælder

Under the historical vaults of one of Aalborg’s most notable landmarks, Jens Bangs Stenhus, you will find Duus’ Vinkjælder, a location with a lot of history in the city.

Just steps away from the bustle of the city, you’ll find a genuinely medieval atmosphere where classic homemade food is served in abundance – using the best Danish recipes and traditions.

The Christmas buffet tradition is nearing 30 years and appears to stay in high demand.

Aside from the unique atmosphere in the dark rooms, they will serve Christmas food that hits the spot.

There is no playing around with unnecessary ideas here; it’s just the classic Christmas meals, good service, and an outstanding experience.

Pick between fried Christmas sausage, warm chopped liver, freshly fried plaice filet, herring, kale, and more. Of course, you don’t have to pick and choose, just take a little bit of everything. Or ten.

This fantastic Christmas buffet costs 199 kroner at lunch and 228 kroner in the evening.


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