Remember: The emergency sirens will sound today

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The first Wednesday of May is traditionally the day when sirens are tested throughout the country.

This time it is today at 12:00 pm.

Warning sirens in Denmark are tested every night without sound, but once a year, on the first Wednesday of May, they are allowed to sound for the annual siren test.

However, things are not quite as usual this year; in addition to the siren test, you will also receive a test warning via S!RENEN on your mobile phone. So don’t get too scared if your phone starts going off.

Stop. Read. React.

The new warning directly to your phone is called S!RENEN and is activated if you are in an area where there is danger.

In that case, the phone emits a loud, unique sound and vibration, so there is no doubt and you do not risk confusing it with a regular text message or notification.

If S!RENEN sounds, you must immediately be on alert.

The instruction from the Emergency Management Agency and the police is quite clear: STOP. READ. REACT. The phone will indicate what the danger is and how to behave in the situation.

S!RENEN does not replace existing physical warning systems, but should be seen as a supplement that can inform you faster and better about crises near you.

What should you do when it is serious?

The authorities use warning sirens to warn of major accidents or disasters locally, regionally, or nationally. Therefore, it is important to test the sirens regularly to identify faults and remind people what to do in case of a real warning.

The sirens are used in the event of major accidents and disasters. In recent years, they have been used in, among other things, chemical and natural gas leaks. When the siren goes off, you should:

  • Go in and seek information from DR or TV2

Meaning of the sirens:

  • Signal 1 – warning – GO INDOORS! The warning signal is a tone that rises quickly and falls slowly again. The signal lasts for 45 seconds
  • Signal 2 – all-clear – DANGER IS OVER! One long tone lasting 45 seconds

On the Emergency Management Agency’s website,, you can also find, among other things, “Facts about Siren Warning” in Danish, Ukrainian, English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Urdu, and Somali.

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