Remember: These corona restrictions are now back

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
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They were enforced. Then they were lifted. Then they were reintroduced. Then they were lifted once again.

We’re of course speaking about the corona restrictions, which have been in and out of our lives on several occasions. And if you thought that this was the end of it, you’re unfortunately mistaken.

Yesterday, a selection of restrictions made a comeback, and to make it as easy for our readers as possible, we’ve made an overview of things you have to remember when you move about in the city:

  • Face masks/visors must be worn in several situations.

You need to wear a face mask when you’re using public transportation, when you’re shopping in stores and supermarkets, when you’re picking up takeaway, and if you’re either visiting or working in a hospital, clinic, nursing homes, and group homes.

If you’re employed in retail, you’re exempt from wearing face masks if you have a valid corona-passport. However, it’s up to the individual businesses to decide whether or not they want employees to wear face masks.

  • Corona-passports have to be shown in several situations.

You have to show a valid corona-passport if you’re working for the government, attending school or university, visiting service professions (hairdressers, tattoo artists, masseuses, etc.), nursing homes, and group homes as well as places where there are more than 100 people indoors or 1,000 people outdoors.

Aside from these restrictions, there are also new rules for how long the corona-passport is valid. A quick test is only valid 48 hours while a PCR-test is valid for 72 hours.

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