Removal of restrictions?: Large supermarkets choose to keep several restrictions

by Ashton Christensen

Last week marked a special Covid milestone that we’ve been needing for quite some time.

Social distancing requirements for businesses were lifted, which means that grocery stores, shopping malls, and many other larger stores with many customers can go around their business as normal. 

Read about the other restrictions which have been rescinded here.

But now the country’s largest supermarket chains are announcing that they are keeping some of the rules and restrictions to provide a safer experience for both customers and staff. They will do so as long as Covid continues to cause havoc in the community.

“Distance markers on the floors will remain, hand sanitizer remains, and we’ll keep plexiglass in front of cashiers for the time being.

These are all things that customers have generally been happy with,” Lars Aarup, head of communications and analysis at Coop, says to Ritzau.

Salling Group is also keeping restrictions

Coop is in charge of Kvickly, Fakta, Superbrugsen, and others.

Salling Group, who owns Bilka, Føtex, and Netto as well as Salling Magasin, are on the same page.

“Even though restrictions are canceled, we’re keeping up the good habits with sanitizers, no product dividers (on the conveyor belt), distance markers at checkout, and plexiglass in front of cashiers,” Per Bank, CEO of Salling Group, writes on Twitter.

Per Bank elaborates to DR;

“A lot of customers have been happy with the distance requirements. And it’s in our DNA that we listen to customers, and therefore we will be keeping it.

I think that most people are going to comply, but if someone doesn’t, we’ll just live with it,” he says.

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