Renowned tapas and wine bar closed: Set to make a comeback with a new concept in 2021

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Vino Y Pintxos has served up heaps of delicious tapas dishes and great wine on Boulevarden in Aalborg but now that chapter is over.

The name has been taken down and swapped for a “for lease” sign, and the owners have confirmed to MyAalborg that the tapas and wine bar is closed.

When the corona situation hit the restaurant sector in March, they terminated their lease.

“We only had 12 tables and we weren’t allowed to fill the place up. Hence, it could not be profitable with only half the earnings”, Helle from Vino Y Pintxos says to MyAalborg.

Since March, they have therefore concentrated mostly on takeaway and catering for private companies, etc.

But Vino Y Pintxos has definitely not lost heart despite how hard the corona situation has hit them. Quite the contrary.

New plans in 2021

Vino Y Pintxos had already outgrown their premises and, even before the corona crisis, were planning to move the restaurant to make room for plenty more guests.

“We are really just waiting for everything to move on from the corona situation, and then we will be ready with a new and exciting initiative at the end of 2021 if everything goes as we hope,” Helle reveals.

Until then, they have opened the website where you can enjoy the same quality and organic approach that was on offer in Vino Y Pintxos.

“It’s just the atmosphere and the coziness that’s missing,” Helle says.

This is hopefully something we can look forward to in 2021 – but Vino Y Pintxos will not reveal more about their location nor the new concept just yet.

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