Repeating great success: Huge light festival returns to Kildeparken

by Ashton Christensen

Christmas lights and New Year’s rockets will barely extinguish before Aalborg can once again be captivated by beautiful and colourful light installations.

Aalborg Congress & Culture Center (AKKC) and Aalborg Carnival continue their cooperation and invite you to a light festival in Kildeparken, when “Light in the Dark” returns 9 – 30 January 2022.

The first edition of Light in the Dark took place in December 2020 and was created with the ambition to create light and joy for the people of Aalborg in dark times.

Unfortunately, the dark winter season is marked by restrictions and cancellations in cultural life, so there is no more need than ever for light in the darkness.

Photo: AKKC

A warm welcome from citizens 

“When the idea for Light in the Dark came up last autumn, it was with the idea of developing the concept further and making it an annual event in Kildeparken. The Light Festival was well received by many in Aalborg. It has only increased our ambitions for the collaboration to experience the warm reception of our guests,” says Sjaja Haddadi, head of the Aalborg Carnival secretary.

Photo: AKKC

Lights and colours in a dull time

While the first edition of Light in the Dark was held in December, the second edition will be held in January, unfortunately, due to restrictions again this year.

“January is when all the Christmas lights get packed down, sales start, and dieting begins. Therefore, in January, we have chosen to hold the Light in the Dark to offer all in the city a beautiful and positive event in an otherwise dull month. You can look forward to a beautiful light display in Kildeparken. In comparison to last year, there will be new lighting elements in magnificent colours,” says Sjaja Haddadi.

Photo: AKKC

A great partnership

We are so happy that together with Aalborg Carnival, we can continue to give the citizens of Aalborg an experience in the winter darkness, especially now that we can’t hold our other planned events.

We are grateful for our excellent cooperation with the carnival, as we make each other stronger time and time again, whether it be Summer at Kilden, Horror Night or Light in the Dark.

Even though we are two different organizations, we form a great team that makes exciting things happen, says Søren Kabbel Dalgaard, Technical Manager at AKKC.

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