Repeating the success: Fårup Sommerland puts cheap tickets on sale

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The amusement park Fårup Sommerland is putting another 8.000 Green Fårup tickets on sale for a significantly reduced price, especially aimed at guests from North Jutland.

Green Fårup tickets are sold after a first-in first-served principle and are only available on Fårups webshop. To get your hands on a bargain, it’s essential to book in good time, as the first people to buy are also those that get the absolute cheapest prices – starting from just 150 kr. per ticket.

The tickets are flexible and can be used for entry on one day within a 2-week period. See the special conditions which apply to these Green Fårup Tickets below.

Here is where you can get your “green” ticket.

Want new guests

Fårup Sommerland has put these cheap tickets on sale on several occasions now.

In the past, the park has found that a large proportion of Northern Jutlanders, that otherwise hadn’t visited Fårup in years, decided to take them up on the great offer and use the opportunity to rediscover the amusement park.

“It was really great to experience how Northern Jutlanders, that hadn’t been to Fårup Sommerland in many years, suddenly streamed into the park last year.

It proved to be a really good idea to introduce these cheaper tickets and season passes because many from the region rediscovered Fårup Sommerland and likewise discovered that a lot has happened around the place in the past many summers,” Niels Jørgen Jensen, director of Fårup Sommerland, explains.

He continues: “It is obviously possible for all guests to buy these cheap tickets on a first-in first-served basis, but we are especially hoping that it will appeal to the Northern Jutlanders that haven’t been here in far too long.”

With the cheap tickets, guests can save up to 140 kr. per ticket and they are sold after a first-in first-served principle.


You should be aware that: 

  • Tickets are sold after a first-in first-served principle, meaning the early bird gets the cheapest tickets. There are tickets available up until the end of week 42.
  • The first tickets sold in each week cost 150 kr., after which the price will rise in accordance with each price block selling out. The final block of tickets in each period cost up to 250 kr.
  • The tickets are only valid in the 2-week period for which they were purchased but can be used on any day the park is open within this time. So, if you buy a ticket for weeks 32-33, you can visit Fårup on the day of your choice within week 32 or week 33.
  • The tickets cannot be exchanged, refunded, or combined with a stay at Hotel Fårup or other campaigns or rebates. NOTE: Because of the ongoing uncertainty around coronavirus, it is of course still possible to move your visit to another week, if you are suddenly required to quarantine or become infected.
  • You need to buy a ticket by Wednesday, at the latest, in the first week of the 2-week valid period to use the ticket. So, for example, if you wanted to go to Fårup in weeks 32-33, then you would need to buy your ticket latest Wednesday in week 32.
  • The tickets can only be purchased online, and you can purchase a maximum of 6 tickets on one order. Be aware that Fårup is not open on all days every week. See the parks opening hours here
  • By purchasing a Green Fårup Ticket, you give consent to receiving further updates from Fårup – but you can always unsubscribe again whenever you like.

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