Request by Aalborg Municipality: Use a mask when you cross the bridges

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

It can be hard to keep up with all the restrictions that currently fill our everyday lives.

One initiative that has become relevant again is the recommendation that we keep at least two meters distance from each other. This goes for grocery stores, the outdoors, and generally, any situation where we are among others.

Now, Aalborg Municipality has another request to ask its citizens: To wear a mask when you’re crossing Kulturbroen (the Culture Bridge) and Limfjordsbroen (the Limfjord Bridge) – both on foot and while biking.

The initiative has been introduced for the sake of those who are and feel especially vulnerable to Covid-19. Therefore, signs have been set up at both bridges.

“It can be difficult to keep the recommended two meters of distance on the bridges. That is why we’re encouraging the use of masks.

Let us work together to stop the spread,” the municipality writes on Facebook.

The request has generally been well-accepted, and people are even suggesting more ways to make the crossing safer:

  • Walk behind each other when someone approaches – not next to each other
  • Introduce one-way traffic

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