Reservations cancelled: Restaurants in Aalborg are closing down for three weeks

by Shellie Boudreau

The year is shiny and new, yet there is a lingering shadow from 2021. 

Last year, massive shutdowns affected all restaurants in Denmark. At the onset of 2022 these restrictions are not as strict but they’re still present. 

The rising infection rates are difficult to ignore and as a result, many restaurants in Aalborg are closing down for a few weeks. 

Several others may follow after that.

Two of the city’s best restaurants announced their temporary closure. These are SanGiovanni and Restaurant MEAT.

Continuously assessing when to open

SanGiovanni made the following announcement:

“Based on the current Covid-19 situation, restrictions in our industry and culture life, we decided to close until Sunday, January 23. This will include dining in and takeaway.

With the rising infections rates, we are doing what we can to protect our employees, as they do not have the option to work from home in isolation.

All of our company offerings are cancelled. There are no conferences, theatre events, or cinema until January 18 (at the earliest). Cancellations of these activities affect our core business.

We will constantly reassess when we can reopen throughout January,” reads the message from Mikele Volpi, owner of SanGiovanni on Vesterbro.

Restaurant and takeaway closes

Restaurant MEAT on Vesterå is also temporarily closing in the same period – that is, until January 23. 

“A Happy New Year to everyone. We have decided to close restaurant MEAT at HOME until 23/1 in response to the current situation and restrictions on our industry, culture, and business.

All those with reservations should receive a notification.

We hope to see you when the doors reopen.”

There are many indications that several other restaurants in the city also will close temporarily due to the situation. Various compensation packages are available to those businesses hit particularly hard by the rising infections rates. 

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