Reveals opening date: Delicacies on the menu at Aalborg’s new tapas restaurant

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Aalborg has pretty much every type of food covered in its many restaurants.

But we’ve been missing an authentic Spanish tapas restaurant with all the best from the Spanish kitchen.

Now it’s not long before the doors are opened to Aalborg’s new restaurant Roxana.

The opening date has been revealed and you can already book a table as well as have a look at the menu.

And there’s truly a selection of all the delicacies you would get were you sitting in Southern Europe at an actual Spanish tapas restaurant.

Roxana is located on the popular restaurant street Ved Gaden in the same room which has previously housed the restaurants Romeo & Julie and in more recent times CanBlau.

Reputable restaurant owners behind Roxana

It’s Kim Jeppesen, Anne Menendez and Mads Hyllested who’s behind the restaurant. Aside from Roxana they also own Applaus, Nam and SMAEK.

During the last few months, they’ve grinded away to make sure that Roxana has a good start. The walls have been painted with strong colors and the rooms have been nicely decorated.

MyAalborg stopped by for a sneak peek last week, and there’s loads to look forward to.

“We are really excited to open our doors and show the transformation that the rooms have undergone. This restaurant is exactly what we have been missing.

Simple, tasty and super delicious food, spiced with DJ and music once the weekends come around and invite for a more festive atmosphere,” Anne Menendez says to MyAalborg.

Book a table and view the menu

An official opening date has been revealed.

The opening is next week on Thursday, May 5.

You can already book a table via the website and while you’re there you can also sneak a peek at the menu card.

At Roxana you’ll be able to choose from an a la carte card with different Spanish tapas servings.

Try everything from a nice selection of hams, different types of deep fried seafood, grilled shrimps, octopus, iberico pig and much more.

Roxana will on top of this also offer two tapas menus with respectively 9 and 14 servings.

“We have built up a know how from our other restaurants as how to develop and execute menus with a lot of servings and several servings at once.

We experience good feedback from our guests who often like trying  a lot of different food. When it is concerning tapas, it is obvious to try the same,” Mads Hyllested says.

Wants to be a late night place during weekends

Roxana will during weekends transform from being a classic restaurant to also offer late night options Fridays and Saturdays.

There’ll be a DJ who plays crisp lounge tones while wine and cocktails is being served. You’ll also be able to order snacks during these later hours.

“Many of our guests at the other restaurants have asked for a place where you can drop by after you’ve had dinner at another restaurant in town.

Often our guests have an agenda to head out into town after eating. But for many the contrast between a restaurant and a night club is too great.

Abroad they are great at creating these great restaurants that move the atmosphere up a few notches during the later hours. We want to try to establish something similar in Aalborg,” Kim Jeppesen says.

He continues:

“We want to create a place that can house the guests who want to have a bit more tempo-filled night but who want to continue talking and meanwhile enjoy some delicious tapas snacks and something good to drink.

We are ourselves big fans of drinking cocktails and eating fried octopus at late hours when we are in Spain.”

What: Roxana opens
Where: Ved Stranden 5
When: May 5, 2022

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