Right by the Goose Girl: New seafood restaurant announces opening date

by Megan McPhee Christensen

The ambitious 26-year-old Emil Thaarup, with his Michelin restaurant experience, is now ready to set a date for the opening of his new restaurant: Restaurant Emil.

So if you enjoy a little hake, cod and everything else the ocean offers, get ready to go!

Restaurant Emil opens in just a few weeks, well to be exact, on Tuesday the 23rd of August.

The seafood restaurant is an evening restaurant and will be open Tuesday to Saturday from 17:30. 

The new restaurant is located in Restaurant Texturs former space – the former Kunst & Spaghetti restaurant – right by Gåsepigen (the Goose Girl fountain) on Vesterbro.

Exceptional quality on the plate

As we have mentioned previously, Emil Thaarups vision is to create a seafood selection from Danish fish and shellfish of the highest quality.

“I’m aiming for a relaxed and informal atmosphere, where the quality of food on the plate is exceptional. I will use techniques from the nordic, french and Asian kitchens,” says Emil Thaarup.

The quality of ingredients will be ensured by Emil Thaarup’s dad, among others.

“He is a seafood exporter in Strandby and chooses the best fish from the auction every morning,” he explains.

A small menu costs 350 kr. A large menu costs 550 kr. Both menus consist of five snacks and either three or seven courses.

You can also add a paired wine or juice menu after your preference. The restaurant will also have a small selection of cocktails available.

North Jutland boy with big ambitions

Emil Thaarup was born and bred in North Jutland, originally from Strandby, and educated at Restaurant Applaus in Aalborg.

Since then, his career has taken him to Frederikshavn and København – but now he is back in Aalborg.

Book your table now

Emil Thaarup is hoping for a flying start – and he hopes many people will want to dine in the restaurant on opening day.

It is therefore already possible to book a table at Restaurant Emil – you can do so here.

You can also follow Restaurant Emil on Facebook here.

What: Restaurant Emil opens

Where: Vesterbro 65, right by Gåsepigen (The Goose Girl)

When: Tuesday the 23rd August at 17.30

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