Room for new street art: Aalborg Municipality will continue to allow street art in Karolinelund

by Ashton Christensen
Photo: Aalborg Municipality
Photo: Aalborg Municipality

It has become difficult to recognize Karolinelund these days. 

The old brick walls have been replaced with new ones, two bridges have been cast, and the ground has been dug up to make the river Østerå visible.

The demolition of the old brick walls also meant a farewell to the park’s artistic flair, namely, the street art for which the site has become known.

Some people in Aalborg expressed regret but fortunately, there is hope.  A new solution makes room for those who want to play with a spray can.

Aalborg Municipality writes that “the old walls were a favorite canvas for the city’s street art culture” and that they don’t want to wave goodbye to it. Therefore, they have found new solutions so that “street art continues to have a prominent role in Karolinelund.”

You’re allowed to spray here

Aalborg Municipality presents several guidelines made in close collaboration with the landscape architect at Aalborg Municipality, Mia Nordow, Camilla Lindum (Head of Block X), Claus Frederiksen (aka BurnOn) and Jakob Ørum (aka Jonny Hefty).

They’ve agreed on the following guidelines on where you’re allowed to paint:

  • On free-standing pieces of the wall inside the park (like an open-air gallery)
  • The outside wall towards the canal path, as long as respect is upheld for the parked cars
  • On the old wall and buildings from UngAalborg and further south, inside of the park, with the kindergarten being the exception

You’re not allowed to paint here:

  • Towards Karolinelundsvej on the outside wall
  • Generally on the inside of the new wall (out of respect to the environment and residences along the wall)

They further add that tags will be removed regardless of location.

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