Roxana blogs: Some of my favorite places in Aalborg

by Roxana Suflet

You have arrived in Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth-largest city. 

While tranquil and relatively small, Aalborg has a vibrant student life and plenty to experience, no matter the hour or season.

Far from the flashing lights of Copenhagen, Aalborg shows a lesser-known side of Danish culture and geography, but any newcomer needs a basic first-day guide.

Enjoy the view of the Limfjord

The Limfjord view from Aalborg’s waterfront is the first to impress when going to town.

You can take a stroll along the promenade and bring your friends and family with you.

The water is a vibrant blue and shining on a sunny day and the seagulls are a friendly bunch. Do not fear the wind, as it can be mild in the warmer seasons.

You will frequently spot pretty boats that make you want to start saving just to get one of your own and sail across the fjord.

The Limfjord Bridge

Take a stroll through the city center

As you turn towards the city center, you find the narrow streets of Østerågade and Bispensgade with colorful shops and cafes.

It is hard not to notice the details – the area is squeaky clean, perfectly dusted, which makes it even more enjoyable to walk around.

International brands such as H&M are easy to find here, should you want to browse for the season’s latest fashion.

The locals are happy to help if you need directions, and it’s a relief to find out how well everyone speaks in English.

The city center is buzzing with life year round.

The Student House

If you’re looking to make new friends, I would recommend the bar at the Student House, which is a very welcoming place with many expats and students. 

Wednesdays are especially popular evenings to attend, order your favorite beer and snacks and enjoy the music and lively atmosphere.

There are often concert nights with all kinds of music genres and you can buy your tickets straight at the bar, conveniently. 

If you want a bit of relaxation instead, you could get some tasty tea or coffee and read by the impressively large bookcases, or ask the staff for a board game.

The bar also has several levels, so you can always move around if you need a quiet space.

Hang out with your friends at the Student House or meet new people. It’s a popular spot among internationals.

Seeing the city by bike

At this point, you may be eager to travel longer distances across Aalborg, so you could check the Fri BikeShop, located near the Limfjordsbroen bridge.

Maybe you don’t know how to ride a bicycle, but do not worry as there is plenty of space to practice throughout the city and you will see people of all ages using bikes around the area.

Now traveling with ease, you may be delighted to visit the Aalborg Zoo, which hosts an impressive diversity of species, such as elephants, lions, tigers, polar bears, just to name a few.

Aalborg Zoo.

There is more to the zoo than just visiting to watch. You can book tours or day packages with many fun kinds of activities.

These are just a few examples to mention; there is more to discover in Aalborg if you are hungry for its cultural treasures and beautiful sights.

There is a notable freshness about the city no matter where you go and it is easy to get attached to the dual personality of this place, being both peaceful and energetic. 

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