Running through color: ColorFun comes to Aalborg

by Shellie Boudreau

If you love colors, having a good time, and are seeking another reason to join a run, then set an X on your calendar. There is a party race coming to town.

The Colorfun race is set for Aalborg on June 10th, 2023.

The race starts in Lindholm Strandpark, and the route is 5 km long. What’s most fun is that you run through five color stations along the way. 

As you pass through, there will be a blast of colors. In addition, there will be a DJ to keep up the positive vibe and party throughout and after the Colorfun race.

“Ticket sales are on now and are going fast – so don’t wait too long to register family, colleagues, and friends,” the organizers say.

“ColorFun is an activity that unites the whole family, friends, and colleagues. The whole day is filled with color and cheer. Along the way, colors are released at the stations, and we give a gigantic color display on the square,” they say.

Practical information

  • White clothes are a must – All other clothing colors are a NO GO (if possible).
  • The start and end are at the square, so remind your fans and friendly spectators.
  • There will be food stands, coffee wagons, and merchandise shops selling, for example, colorful socks, T-shirts, rainbow Tutu skies, cool sunglasses in all colors you can imagine, and more.
  • There will be foam cannons at the start line and the party afterward. 


09:00  The square opens 

09:00 Check-in starts (bring your confirmation mail)

10:15  Party starts

10:45  Warm-up on the scene

11:00  Easy running at the start with small intervals

13:45  The last participant crosses the finishes line

17:00 Party ends and square closes

More info here.

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