Sad news: BACO closes central coffee and bagel café

by Ashton Christensen

A while ago, we announced that the coffee and bagel café, BACO, was opening at a new location in Aalborg.

In Aalborg’s most renowned food street, Reberbansgade, BACO opened its doors to what became its third location in the city.

After nine months, however, it looks like the bar served its last cup of coffee, croissant, and bagel.

MyAalborg confirms the sad news after a visit to Reberbansgade where we learned that the shop had been cleared of all inventory and is empty.

We reached out to one of the owners of BACO who briefly explained their decision:

“Unfortunately, the operation wasn’t satisfactory so we are focusing on Stjernepladsen and Nørregade,” co-owner Emil Kjær says to MyAalborg.

And if you’re feeling lost, there’s no need to panic as you can stroll past the remaining two of BACO’s popular cafés on Stjernepladsen and Nørregade and visit.

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