Sad news: Salling cancels their spectacular Christmas lights

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Year after year it has been a huge tradition to watch Salling’s glorious Christmas light display shining over Nytorv from their facade in the city center.

But there won’t be any of that this year, Salling has told TV2 Nord.

“We want to stand together with the rest of Denmark and all those households that have to save on electricity.

We close an hour earlier, we turn off the lights outside of opening hours, we have changed all indoor lighting to LED, refrigerators have been changed to more environmentally friendly options, and the escalators are only turned on when the store is open so staff have to take the stairs until then,” Salling’s marketing director, Birthe Wiberg, explains to TV2 Nord.

It has been a tradition that when the calendar hits November, the gigantic display of Christmas lights on Salling’s department store facade lights up all of Nytorv in a completely magical way.

And it will be sadly missed this year.

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