Safety walks and “something to pee on”: How politicians aim to make Aalborg’s nightlife safer

by Shellie Boudreau
Archive photo: Police
Archive photo: Police

22-year-old Mia Skadhauge Stevn and 21-year-old Oliver Ibæk Lund lost their lives after a night out in Aalborg.

Since then public debates have been growing fierce about how to make the nightlife scene in Aalborg a safer place.

The city’s politicians are debating the same issues right now, and last week, the City and Land Development committees met, questioned, and discussed these latest events.

Politicians offer proposals

One proposal is to hold a Security Walk on a dark night where young individuals can join and explain to the politicians what can be done to make men and women feel safer in Aalborg.

“Where should there be more light, how often should busses drive, how can we take care of each other in this space? These are questions in need of answers.

The municipality cannot answer them alone – it needs to come from the younger individuals who are out at night,” city councilor Lisbeth Lauritsen (S) writes in a more lengthy post on Facebook.

“We have made safety walks throughout our municipality, but not in the evening in the Jomfru Ane Gade area. That, of course, should change,” she continues.

Many men pee in the Fjord

Another proposal from the City and Land Development committees is to place something that men can “pee on” down by the waterfront. 

“We have discussed creating a temporary PISS AT SOMETHING-spots so no men accidentally fall into the water.

Our waterfront monitoring shows that many young men go towards the water to pee. Each time this happens, there is an increased risk of an accidental fall and drowning — these risks we wish to minimize and prevent.”

In addition, the politicians are discussing whether the ladders need further inspection and suggested adding some ropes to link the ladders and maybe cameras by Stranden, Borgergade, and Vesterbro. A review will be done to determine whether the cameras can extend further to the west of the Limfjords bridge.

In the Facebook group “AALBORG HAVN FÅ SÅ SAT DET HEGN OP NU” (In English: Aalborg waterfront get the fence up), citizens are discussing if it’s possible to set up a fence around the harbor. 

The politician will discuss the fence but they’re also investigating whether a fence may provide a false sense of safety.   

What do you think Aalborg can do to make the nightlife safer? Feel free to offer your ideas and please keep comments respectful. 

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