See you again soon: Local sourdough bakery closes

by Megan McPhee Christensen

In weeks 8 and 9, you’ll have to pull out your own apron and baking gear if you can’t cope without your daily dose of sourdough.

In precisely that period, Surdejsbageren (the sourdough bakery) will be completely shut down, while they have their hands full with something other than just dough.

The time has come for Surdejsbageren to tear down their walls and create a brand new, even bigger, and better bakery – and while they do so, the existing bakery will be closed.

“Due to Corona, the timeline for our expansion has been postponed several times, but now it’s becoming a reality”, Henrik Bruse Skougaard, owner of the bakery, says.

Much more space

On the other side of this closure – and the walls – awaits a whole new and even more beautiful bakery with an integrated coffee-bar over a whopping 250 square meters.

It’s Henrik’s dream (when Corona allows it) that this will be a place where young and old can meet for a chat, to study, work, or maybe just to grab a little cinnamon roll on the way home.

“The extra square meters mean that we will have even more space for our bakery, coffee shop, takeaway, and bar-area where students can find both sweet treats and power for their laptops – and of course heaps of chairs and tables from Skagerak where our guests can enjoy themselves,” Henrik explains about the new bakery.

The style of the current bakery will naturally follow along.

The style of the current bakery will naturally be a part of the new space.

In the new premises, the bakers will get around 100 square meters to create their magic, while the guests can enjoy the view out over the beautiful Budolfi Plads.

An even broader selection

Beyond the coffee-bar and open bakery where guests can follow along in the baking process, there are also plans to offer different delicacies items that you can buy to take home.

For example, Arla Unika-cheese, homemade spreads, and local organic flour from Aurion.

“The new bakery will be built around everything you already know us for – just bigger, but still with North Jutland prices. The quality will remain the same, we’ll just be more effective,” he explains.

The coffee will also play a big role at Surdejsbageren; a continuation of his dream of specializing in something other than dough.

“We’re getting a much bigger coffee bar that you’ll be able to see as soon as you come in – but we’ll still keep the simple method of double shot, one size and a selection that’s approachable,” says Henrik, and continues…

“The same with the bakery – here we also have the possibility to expand the assortment, but still with respect for the products that people know and love us for.”

Moving special the whole week

There is no doubt that it’ll be a long two weeks for Henrik and co., while the new bakery is renovated.

Despite their expectations of a quiet and calm January, that has not been the case for Surdejsbageren on Budolfi Plads.

“We had a busy December, but … we have been insanely busy in January!”, he says. “The temporary closure is necessary for us to be able to join the two rooms together and hence, for the same reason, we also need to sell out in the next week.

We need to have completely bare shelves, so we’re running a moving sale the whole week until we close down,” Henrik says.

The whole week, you can get 5 kroner off all bread and coffee for just 25 kroner. Surdejsbageren will also put up various offers each day, so it’s definitely a good idea to keep an eye on their social media.

Surdejsbageren closes from Sunday, February 21, for a full fourteen days.

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