Shooting stars of retail: Shaping New Tomorrow is opening a giant new store in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The last couple of years has been something of a marathon for the fashion brand Shaping New Tomorrow. They have not only conquered an industry but also the hearts of many men with their comfortable men’s apparel.

They just opened a large boutique in Aarhus, and recently celebrated a grand reopening of their huge boutique in the heart of Copenhagen.

Now Shaping New Tomorrow is again making headlines in Aalborg: 17. September, they will move from Boulevarden 22 to a new location. 

The plan is to relocate closer to Nytorv and set up in Østerågade 4, which was home to Babysam for many years.  

The plan is to transform the new location into an ultra-modern flagship store.  

Double the size

The new store will be more than double the size.  There is a 185 m2 display area and altogether 290 m2. Clearly, this is a big jump from their original launch space of just 74 m2

Also, the new premise will be a massive upgrade from their original location that opened five years ago. 

“It has been a wild ride from the beginning in Jens Bangs Gade.  We took over a space that was empty for seven years and from there, we renovated everything ourselves.’’

Taking over Boulevarden is completely crazy for us. Considering we built up the original location with recycled goods and donations from friends,’’ Christoffer Bak, co-founder of Shaping new tomorrow, explains.

Next-level retail

Now that the boutique is upgraded and aligned with the new concept development, the persistent entrepreneurs are back to running their space again.

“The primary reason we are moving is simply due to a lack of space. We care a lot about providing a good experience when people visit us, and this extra space will help. 

At the same time, we get the opportunity to create a perfect universe for our clothes,” he says.

The dressing room, for example, is especially central to the boutique’s transformation.  There is a well-lit lounge area that will inspire the customers and make for a good shopping time.

Moreover, the new boutique will offer some digital solutions, and according to Christoffer, it will become “next-level retail.”

“We aim to go all-in for the new store. Our previous space was really nice but the new layout gives more options to implement some cooler designs,” Christoffer says enthusiastically. 

The biggest store yet

The new location also means that Shaping New Tomorrow has even fewer steps between their large office on Nytorv and the upcoming boutique in Østerågade. 

Even though the young entrepreneurs have boutiques in Aarhus and Copenhagen, it is Aalborg that has their heart. 

“The inspiration for the new boutique comes from the Aalborg we know. And the total floor area will be our biggest yet. 

It’s in Aalborg we started; it’s Aalborg we are based in – and you will see and feel that in our new space, as it will continue to be our flagship store,” he concludes.


The new boutique opens on September 17. In the meantime, you can visit Shaping new tomorrow on Boulevarden 22. 

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