SMAEK ready for the summer: From wild seafood buffet to pork parties and all-you-can-drink sangria

by Shellie Boudreau

If you believe summer in Aalborg will be boring this year, think again.

The popular restaurant SMAEK, which houses one of Aalborg’s most spacious outdoor terraces, is taking advantage of the Aalborg summer – all for your benefit.

SMAEK just announced their wild summer menu and fun-filled summer event program.

Throughout July, you can join in on several festive and cozy events.

SMAEK is offering seafood, pork parties, Italian summer nights, and Spanish tapas evening events.  

There will even be a DJ to help set the summer vibes and mood.

The program is jam-full so we thought to share some exciting details and direct links for booking tickets.

Pork party with a fire-roasted pic and all-you-can-drink sangria

Every Saturday in July from 11:30-16:00

This summer, SMAEK is offering additional pig roast festivals every Saturday in July.

As per usual, the pork roast is a lunch offer with two seats. 

The arrangement is an all-you-can-eat lunch from 11:30 to 16:00 and your choice of roasted suckling pig with a delicious salad, pasta salads, and creamy potatoes. 

Topping it off, you can drink as much sangria, beer, and soda as you’d like. 

The offer is for a two-hour sitting.

The price is 295 kr.

Book here

Wild seafood buffet on the terrace

Wednesday, July 28

Last summer, SMAEK launched a giant seafood spread on their grand terrace. 

This event is turning into a summer tradition.

Now it is possible to book tickets for this year’s big event and experience one of the best summer successes thus far. 

There will be a seafood party with complimentary rosé, white wine, and bubbles. 

Of course, a DJ will be present here too and set the mood just like the other events offered by SMAEK.

The seafood party is on Wednesday, July 28, starting at 11:30.

“We also created an attractive drink menu with a range of champagnes and wines from top producers at sharp prices.

Additionally, we hope that people will continue to party with us into the early evening hours as we light up the grill for ribeye steaks. At this time, we will pair the steaks with fries and bearnaise just in time for dinner time hunger,” co-owner Mads Hyllested says.

Order your seafood party tickets via this link.

There is also a possibility to order some extra delicacies for the day, such as caviar.  

Archive photo

Italian Summer Night

Thursday, July 8

Join SMAEK for a lovely Italian summer night on Thursday, July 8.

SMAEK is hosting their Italian event in cooperation with Aperol so there will be summer punches too.

In addition, there will be a DJ on the terrace, and of course, a delicious Italian social dining menu with eight servings.

The menu includes Italian classics, served with a SMAEK-twist.

The terrace will channel Italy in the best way possible, and the bartenders will offer a small assortment of delicious summer cocktails for reasonable prices.

You can purchase tickets for the evening here. 

Spanish Tapas evening

Thursday, July 15

As a great delight for many, SMAEK offered weekly tapas as a takeaway during the lockdowns.

Therefore, on Thursday, July 15, they are making a Spanish tapas evening at SMAEK with all-you-can-drink sangria.

“We hope for good weather and invite you to our beautiful terrace for delicious tapas and endless sangria,” Anne Menendez, co-owner of SMAEK, says.

SMAEK will offer a delicious tapas menu which will be served over several rounds so that you can eat or share food at the table in a true tapas-manner.

In addition, there will be delicious sangria and cocktails. Our guests will also have the pleasure of our DJ entertainment throughout the evening.

Book your tickets here.

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