Snow removal is effective: The police reports new developments on road conditions

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Due to the chaotic weather situation in the region, the police yesterday advised residents against unnecessary travel.

Now there’s news in the snowstorm saga.

The North Jutland Police has lifted their previous advice:

“We no longer advise against all unnecessary travel in the police district, but we recommend that citizens stay informed before heading out and assess the situation on the road network,” they’ve written on the social media platform X.

Be cautious

In Aalborg, it seems that both the storm and slippery roads are gradually coming under control, allowing drivers to venture out again without significant dangers, as long as they remain attentive to the conditions.

“The wind has subsided considerably, so snow removal is more effective. There is still a lot of snow on the roads, but we now assess that we no longer need to discourage all unnecessary travel,” says the police has said to DR.

In East Jutland, all travel is currently discouraged, while the Southeast Jutland Police advise against all unnecessary travel.

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