Snowstorm on the way: This is how it will affect Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Yesterday, we reported that the Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) issued a warning about a snowstorm.

At that time, there was some uncertainty in the forecasts regarding the precise location and timing of the low-pressure system.

Now, meteorologists can speak with more confidence.

MigogAalborg contacted DMI, where we reached meteorologist Martin Lindberg.

He explains that Wednesday will be a “challenging” day in terms of the amount of snow in Aalborg and North Jutland.

“The temperature in North Jutland and Aalborg will stay below 0 degrees Celsius. In addition, the wind will pick up strongly, causing significant problems.

It already starts with gale-force winds tonight, and tomorrow morning it will escalate to storm force with gusts between 20 to 26 m/s.

There won’t be large amounts of snow tonight, but from tomorrow morning, there may be between 20-30 cm of snow locally, maybe even 40 cm,” he explains.

Therefore, we can expect significant amounts of snow, which, combined with the strong wind, will result in a snowstorm.

Asked about its impact on morning traffic, Martin Lindberg says that there may be issues in traffic, and it will only worsen throughout Wednesday as the snow accumulates.

“The forecast is relatively accurate. It’s challenging to say exactly how much snow will come, but there will be snow and strong winds,” he concludes.

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