Snowstorm on the way: This is how it will hit Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

The snow is gradually on its way out after the latest round, but don’t rejoice too soon.

A snowstorm is heading towards Aalborg and North Jutland, and it’s going to be prolonged.

The Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI) writes that a front with widespread snow will first hit Aarhus and Copenhagen around noon, and then it will hit North Jutland Friday evening and into Saturday morning.

“It’s a rather prolonged snowfall. It can take 12-18 hours from when the snow begins to fall until it either turns into rain or stops. The total (accumulated) snowfall can reach 5–15 cm, and in the central part of Jutland locally up to 20 cm.

As the front moves across the country, the wind will increase and become moderate to strong from the east, reaching gale force with gusts up to strong gale force along east-facing coasts,” they write.

Fortunately, the temperature will be around or just above freezing, so there are not expected to be any problems with blowing snow.

There is disagreement about whether the upcoming snow can actually be called a snowstorm. DMI writes that the amount of snow does not meet the criteria for a snowstorm, but that it will feel like snowstorm-like conditions, while TV2 Weather has issued a specific snowstorm warning.

They also point out that today, Friday, is a major travel day, and the Danish Road Directorate encourages people to drive according to conditions.

“Even though salt is being spread and snow is being cleared, there will still be a risk of slippery conditions,” reports the Danish Road Directorate.

The snow is expected to hit around 18:00 tonight.

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