Søgaards Bryghus has closed: New bakery and restaurant opens instead

by Shellie Boudreau

Søgaards Bryghus opened on C.W. Obels Plads nearly 20 years ago.

Now the iconic place has gone through some major changes.

On February 2nd, the doors opened to Fru Søgaard and Hr. Søgaard.

While Fru Søgaard is a completely new bakery and café, the former pub area of Søgaard’s Bryghus has been transformed to the gastropub Hr. Søgaard.

So now there’s a Mr. and Mrs.

Something new on the menu

As you may suspect, there is a similarity between the names, and yes, the Søgaard family is growing.

The new face of Fru Søgaard is Caroline Søgaard-Pedersen. She is the daughter of Claus and Lisa Søgaard who opened Søgaards Bryghus in 2004.

Lisa Søgaard has formerly been in charge of running Penny Lane Café and Abbey Road Café.

Fru (Mrs.) Søgaard is Caroline’s project in the family business.

“The food and drinks will have different flavors than Søgaard Bryghus. Of course, I have experienced family members sparring with me,” Caroline explains.

The premise, along with the menu, has a complete makeover – and is a place where coziness meets color. 

There is a new bar and when you step inside your eyes will meet a beautiful bread and cake display. The selection varies from sourdough bread to hard-to-resist cakes.

You can expect to select croissants of all shades, Shrovetide buns – and the wickedly delicious milk slice cake!

Experienced people in charge of the baked goods

Among many other things, Fru Søgaards offers a Brekkie Platter.

The Brekkie Platter consists of the egg of the day, crispy ham, ymer (Danish yoghurt) with rhubarb, charcuterie, jams, prawn salad, hummus, cheese, nuts, fruit and sweets. Also, bread, rye bread and organic butter.

But the baked goods are definitely in focus and it’s high quality all the way.

Like any new venture, the right team can make a difference.

On the team are none other than Christian Hansen and Niels Rynkeby, the former owners of La Bonta.

The Søgaard family bought the former bakery in Svenstrup. This means Christian and Niels can bake freshly baked sourdough bread and delicious cakes for the new premises.

Over the past few months, they refined and adjusted the recipes to perfection. All bread is made from scratch, including sourdough and organic flour from Aurion.

In addition, Søgaard’s beer brewing also makes an exciting contribution. The by-product from their beer brews provides unique and added flavors to some of their bread. 

The popular Klosterbryg has also been added to the special walnut bread.

In addition to buns, bread, and cakes there are open faced sandwiches, salads, milkshakes, and plenty of coffee and tea.

Opening hours are from 08.00 – 18.00 from Monday to Saturday. You can, of course, enjoy bread, cakes etc. in the café or take it to go.

Hr. Søgaard is open 16-22. The famous All Inclusive concept “The whole Svineriet (‘The whole Shabang’ as we would say) runs on Fridays and Saturdays starting at 19.00.

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