Something for everyone: New sandwich place opens in Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Things are happening at Aalborg Streetfood these days.

In the start of October, the food hall will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a huge party. As of the 1st of September, they have already brought in student discounts in all of their stalls, and now a brand new food stall has opened.

Sandwich N’ Sides is the newest kid on the block, and the concept is exactly as the name suggests: Sandwiches!

The friend team, Andreas and Bosse, who own the Mexican restaurant, El Santo, are behind the new stall.

“We think that there is a lack of good sandwiches down here so we decided to open up something of our own to fill that need,” Andreas says about their decision.

Five delicious sandwiches to choose from

If you head past Sandwich N’ Sides to try it out, you will have a choice of five different flavours: Salmon, Roastbeef, ‘Frikadelle’, Potato, and Caesar.

Quite obvious names really.

In the Salmon edition, you get salad, smoked salmon, green asparagus, cream cheese, and pesto. Roastbeef includes salad, roast beef, horseradish, homemade remoulade, and roasted onions.

Frikadelle is naturally made up of frikadelle (meatballs), salad, red cabbage, mayonnaise, and homemade pickles.

Potato is filled with salad, potatoes, homemade chive dressing, green asparagus, and roasted onion, while the Ceasar is a sandwich version of a Ceasar salad with salad, chicken, radishes, homemade Ceasar dressing, and parmesan.

Sandwiches cost 85 kr, and you can order a side of Potato cheddar nuggets for 50 kr.

We stopped by the kitchen and ordered a Ceasar, Potato and Frikadelle and we can definitely sign off on them being an incredible addition to the assortment of Streetfood.

The crispy Potato cheddar nuggets also deserve a some appreciation as a creative alternative to fries.

Soon available to order on Wolt

‘Frikadellen’ was our personal favorite, and that’s something that Andreas and Bosse agree with.

“Caesar, Potato and Salmon are our customer favorites at the moment, but we personally love the Frikadelle,” Andreas says with a smile.

If you also want to try the Danish classic in sandwich form, or one of the other delightful flavors, then make your way over to Aalborg Streetfood.

Soon you will also be able to order their sandwiches as takeaway via Wolt, and likewise, you will also soon be able to order catering from both Sandwich N’ Sides and El Santo via their website (that will be up soon).

What: Sandwich N’ Sides opens
Where: Aalborg Streetfood
When: The kitchen is open!

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