Sourdough and delicious cakes: A new bakery opens in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

He has left a trail of breadcrumbs all over the city.

Back in 2019, Henrik Bruse opened Aalborg’s first sourdough bakery, and since then, the love of Aalborg residents for sourdough bread has only grown.

Now, there is more good news from Henrik Bruse.

Henrik is opening his own bakery under the name “Nördens Bageri.”

“The name signals that the North is in focus. We use Nordic flour, are located in North Jutland, and will sell baked goods at true North Jutland prices.

The small detail with the ‘Ö’ is a wordplay, so it also becomes ‘nerd’s’ bakery… because I must admit, that’s what I am,” Henrik tells MyAalborg.

Opening in a completely new neighborhood

Nördens Bageri will be located in an area that has yet to see a good, old-fashioned bakery on the map: Eternitten.

Here, Henrik will have no less than 367 square meters to play with, where he will combine a bakery with a coffee bar – in a completely down-to-earth manner.

“It should be a bakery, as I initially wanted with Surdejsbageren. Good quality, good craftsmanship, a small selection, and lots of coziness,” he explains.

In the display case, guests can find – in addition to sourdough bread and rolls – the good old raspberry slice, a swirl, and croissants.

“We’re starting slowly with a fixed selection, and then there will probably be some surprises now and then when there’s time and energy for it. For example, pop-up brunch, pizza events, or a special cake,” he says mysteriously.

No Hocus Pocus – Coffee for 10 DKK

Besides Henrik himself, who will run the shop, he will also be joined by none other than his mother.

Regulars at Surdejsbageren during Henrik’s time there will know that she is a true asset to the new Nördens Bageri. Additionally, two baristas will be hired who can work magic with coffee beans.

“It won’t be anything crazy on the coffee menu, but instead good coffee at good prices. For example, you can get a filter coffee for a flat 10 DKK – and if you want a sourdough roll with butter, it’ll cost 25 DKK,” Henrik says.

The premises are ideal for the purpose with modern facilities and plenty of space and light.

Henrik will also have many outdoor seating options, facing south.

The modern look will be spiced up with recycled chairs and interiors, while the walls will celebrate North Jutland with pictures from Henrik’s favorite places.

Master in his own house again

It’s clear that he is looking forward to being the master in his own house again – now with the experience that he also needs to take care of himself.

“Stress is no joke, so I’m not going down that path again. That’s why we’re starting with five opening days a week, Wednesday to Sunday, so I can keep up,” Henrik says.

Nördens Bageri is expected to open on June 19, and the opening hours will initially be from 7 AM to 4 PM, Wednesday to Sunday.

On the opening day, there will be free coffee and sourdough rolls for the early birds.

You can follow along on Instagram here.

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