Spanish evening at Nordjysk food festival: Delicious tapas and luxury cocktails

by Ashton Christensen

The Nordjysk food festival starts on August 25th and runs until September 4th. That means 11 whole days of food and drink experiences.

One of the first events is the Spanish tapas at the new tapas restaurant TaPa5 in Vesterå.

Delicious plate at TaPa5 on Vesterå.

The restaurant’s chefs, Michael ‘Miv’ Poulsen and Mads Schytte, who runs Whiskytossen, can guarantee a luxury evening with delicious tapas and unique cocktails made with spirits from Brænderiet Limfjorden.

Endless Tapas and cocktails

If you’d like to participate, mark your calendar for August Friday the 26th at 17:00.

You get 16 tapas dishes, served between eight rounds by chef Michael ‘Miv’ Poulsen himself, accompanied by delicious cocktails made from North Jutlandish gin, rum, liqueur, and whisky, presented by Mads ‘The Whiskyfreak’ Schytte.

Tickets for the evening cost 995 kr.

The two gentlemen promise a small surprise during the evening.

Mads Schytte is working on his whisky book ‘Whisky – for new and old nerds,’ published by Politiken.

You can book your ticket for the event right here.

Read the FULL program for the Nordjysk food festival here.

What:  Spanish tapas and cocktails from Danish spirits, part of Nordjysk food festival

Where: TaPa5, Vesterå 5

When: August, Friday the 26th at 17:00.

Michael ‘Miv’ Poulsen is serving tapas at his the new TaPa5 on Vesterå.

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