Spanish summer atmosphere in Aalborg: Enjoy a glass of Sangria for 50 kroner

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen
Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen
Photo: Stine Kjølby Christensen

Sweetness sits at the doorstep. When you step inside, D’Wine Bar is ready to serve you an ice-cold, golden-red sangria that will transport you to summers in Spain.

Every day this summer, you can get a glass of sangria for a flat 50 kroner.

D’Wine Bar has its own Sangria recipe, but Spain runs through the blood of the owner Kristian Ishøy.

Although Kristian Ishøy is a true local, his visits to Spain throughout his childhood nurtured his taste buds and character. Today, when he travels to Spain, he gathers excellent wines and delicacies to bring home to Aalborg.

Lots of Spanish atmosphere,

Now when we say runs through the blood, we are not only talking about the owner.

The word ‘sangria’ stems from the Spanish word ‘Sangre,’ which means blood. Thus, there is a meaning behind the deep golden-red color of the famous Spanish drink.

You may already know that the Spanish drink also has quite an effect on your blood. The alcohol content is on the ‘happy’ side of the limit.

D’Wine Bar’s sangria is made from their own recipe.

A corner of Spain in the middle of Aalborg

Enjoy the experience of sitting outside on the terrace on Algade with some big wine barrel tables.

Or go inside and submerge yourself in the Spanish atmosphere. You can admire the beautiful murals on the walls for hours while enjoying Sangria.

“In Spain, sangria is fundamental, especially when enjoying summer and life. Here we use good red wine and our spirit blend, topped with soda and a lot of ice cubes,” Kristian Ishøy explains.

Freshly sliced oranges and the wine bar’s spicy special Spanish elixir creates a perfect sangria drink.

The terrace at D’Wine Bar is a small island in a busy city. Photo: Nana Sofia Hansen

Perhaps you are in the mood for something other than sangria, no worries, as the wine bar has a great selection of wine and charcuterie. For example, the wine bar has vermouth that is barrel aged.

D’Wine Bar is open all summer from 12:30 except Sundays.

You can read more about D’Wine Bar here.

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