Spicy news: Indian Frankies launch amazing curry bowls for 59 kroner

by Shellie Boudreau

In October, we revealed that Aalborg gained a new eatery on Vesterbro 84 called Indian Frankies. 

Two months later, the people of Aalborg continue to post good recommendations on Just Eat, Wolt, Google and Facebook.  The new hot spot is making a name for itself in the city.

As the name suggests, there is a primary focus on the Indian dish called Frankie. This dish is an Indian-style wrap, and due to high demand, Frankies is now also offering curry bowls.

“When one thinks Indian cuisine, we often think about sauces and dishes such as butter chicken and chicken tikka masala. This is something our customers are requesting, and so we have chosen to add five curry bowls to the menu,” owner Raj Dhillon explains.

As with other dishes on the menu, these bowls are light, tasty and healthier options that cater to student (SU friendly) budgets and those with busy time schedules – so you can eat on the go.

The bowls are offered at an introductory price of 59 kroner for lunch between 11:00 and 16:00. You can place your order over the phone, on their website or in the store.

After 16:00, the offer sells for a regular price between 69 kroner to 89 kroner depending on your choice. It is also possible to order food at a special price between 11.00 and 16.00 and get it delivered to the door.

Alternatively, you can order Indian Frankies warm and spicy dishes through Hungry.dk, Just Eat or Wolt (at regular prices).

Warm food for the winter

If you are familiar with Indian food, then there is no doubt you will recognize the names of the new curry bowls.

The bowls include butter chicken and rice, tikka masala and rice, chickpea and rice, paneer cheese and rice, and lastly, chickpea, potato and rice. 

“All our sauces are homemade,” Raj Dhillon says about the mild, medium and hot dishes that will warm our bellies on these cold Winter days. 

You can choose between five new curry bowls: rice with butter chicken, rice with chicken tikka masala, rice with chickpeas, rice with paneer cheese, chickpeas and potatoes with rice.

If you are already hooked on Frankies wraps, there is also an offer for you. At the moment, you can get a free soda when you order a wrap for the whole month of December and January when ordering on their website. 

When you order, it’s also possible to spice it up to spicy or extra spicy, and you can choose between chicken, vegetarian, and shrimp. See the full menu here.

A frankie, which the eatery is named after, is an Indian style wrap.

New desserts

Once you order a bowl or a Frankie, you get an option to purchase a dessert from the menu. Something sweet to follow that spice. 

Indian Frankies added not one but three desserts to the menu.

There is gulab jamun, a warm doughball covered in sugar, syrup and coconut flakes, Belgium chocolate lava cake, and a sweet mango yogurt drink topped with an oriental nut mix called mango sweet lassi.

Read more about Indian Frankies and order food here.

What: Indian Frankies launches new curry bowls
Where: Vesterbro 84
When: Right now

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