Star-studded concert: See who’s playing at the waterfront this summer

by Megan McPhee Christensen

Corona has really put a stopper on all the concerts and cultural events usually enjoyed here in Aalborg, and by now we’re seriously longing for a sense of community and some good times.

With the government’s new reopening plan, it looks like there could be a great summer ahead for the city.

For a start, Musikkens Hus has taken the initiative to create lots of life in Aalborg.

This summer, the concert hall will literally be moved outside and into Musikkens Plads, right next to Aalborg’s beautiful waterfront.

Here there will be lots of cool concerts, events, and activities for all ages that will attract people from all over North Jutland.

Heaps of big names coming

MyAalborg is the first to reveal the names of some of the great Danish artists that have already been booked for these outdoor concerts on the waterfront.

In August, top names like Christopher and Mads Langer will come and play at Musikkens Plads with concerts held every few days.

In fact, these concerts will already kick off in June before the summer holidays, starting with a double concert from Marie Key and Carl Emil.

We can look forward to a similar double concert experience when Malte Ebert and Annika Aakjær play together in Aalborg.

Verdensballetten (The World Ballet) will also perform at Musikkens Plads, as well as a large comedy show with names such as Lasse Rimmer, Simon Talbot, Jacob Taarnhøj, and Mikkel Rask.

Other stars that have already been booked include Chris Minh Doky & Cæcilie Nordby and Barcelona & Moi Caprice.

Tickets go on sale today

Tickets for these summer concerts have become available today, and it looks like you’ll need to get in quickly!

Musikkens Hus follows the authority’s guidelines in relation to the Corona-situation, and for now, each event will only have 500 tickets up for grabs.

That number may be able to be increased at a later date in accordance with the reopening plans.

Musikkens Hus is a hot topic at the moment. Next week, the beautiful venue will officially reopen with a completely insane concert experience from Alex Vargas and the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra.

Here are the first dates for the summer concert series at Musikkens Plads

24th June
Comedy show
Lasse Rimmer, Simon Talbot, Jakob Tårnhøj and Mikkel Rask

25th June
Double concert
Marie Key & Carl Emil Petersen

27th June
Double concert
Annika Aakjær & Malte Ebert

6th August

8th August
Mads Langer

20th August 
Chris Minh Doky & Cæcilie Nordby

27th August 
Verdensballetten (World Ballet)

More acts will be announced on an ongoing basis. 

You can buy concert tickets right here.

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