Suddenly closed: Restaurant is up for rent in the city center

by Shellie Boudreau

At the beginning of 2022, a new Asian restaurant opened in Aalborg.

The restaurant called Asia Fusion opened up shop on Østerågade 3. Like all startups, ambitions were set high.

“Many Danes often think of deep-fried dishes and a China-box when you say Chinese food. We want to remove those notions. Chinese food is so much more.

We make our food and dishes from scratch, giving our customers an authentic experience. We use ingredients and spices imported directly from China, which give an original taste,” the owner Kasper Hu (who co-owned the restaurant with Tina Ren) explained back in 2022.

But now the food adventure has come to its end.

The premise is up for rent and while the website is live you can no longer order takeaway.

MyAalborg reached out to the owners to learn if the restaurant is closing permanently or continuing elsewhere. But we haven’t been able to reach anyone.

The realtor EDC, which leases the premises, states that the “for rent” sign went up last week.

A fusion between Nordic and Chinese cuisine

Casper and Tina worked around the clock to completely renovate the place before opening in 2022.  

It was decorated with an emphasis on a fusion between Nordic and Chinese.

“All our equipment in the kitchen is from China. This helps us prepare the food in a completely authentic way. We even serve the food on Chinese porcelain.

The interior design is inspired by the Nordic style, which we love,” Tina said at the time.

Tina moved from Aarhus and has experience in the restaurant business from China, while Casper has lived in Aalborg for 20 years and is trained as an engineer.

“I have also worked a lot with the export of Danish food to China, but during the corona pandemic it came to a standstill. That’s when the dream to open a restaurant with authentic Chinese food started,” he explained.

Casper used all his technical skills to create a modern and digitized restaurant. 

Asia Fusion quickly became known for easy and fast ordering. All of which were supported by tablets on the tables. Now the future is uncertain.

MyAalborg is naturally following the case.

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