Summer is not over: Check out these gorgeous nature views in North Jutland

by Ashton Christensen
Photo by Daniel Brandt
Photo by Daniel Brandt

Photo: Daniel Brandt

The summer vacation is well underway for many, and if you’re among those staying at home, we have the perfect guide for you.

Now that the temperatures aren’t super high, and the sun isn’t blazing hot, it’s the perfect time for outings in nature. And where might you go to experience the most beautiful nature that Nordjylland has to offer?

Once again, we’ve teamed up with the local photographer, Daniel Brandt, who is well known and loved for his stunning nature photographs on Instagram, most of which are taken right here in Nordjylland

He knows better than anybody where it’s worth heading. 

The guide is divided based on how far you’re willing to drive. 

Let’s start right here in Aalborg.

Skanseparken (walking distance)

If you dream of a quick outing in your backyard, a trip to Skanseparken is perfect.

Here, you can enjoy the green and lush surroundings and savour the magnificent view over Nørresundby, Aalborg, and Limfjorden.

Additionally, the park features a nature playground for the little ones and extensive perennial gardens for the older ones or anyone else who appreciates such beauty.

From Aalborg centre, it’s precisely 1.5 km to Skanseparken if you take the route over Limfjordsbroen. You’ll only need comfortable shoes to embark on the journey.

And maybe you’ll need some good leg muscles, as the park is on a higher level than the city. Nevertheless, it’s worth those sore legs.

City view from forest
Photo by Daniel Brandt

Renseanlæg Vest(Western Cleaning unit, walking distance) 

Another place in Aalborg that can be reached in no time is the trail system in Vestbyen, which starts at Renseanlæg Vest on Mølholmsvej.

Here, you can walk peacefully following the road down to Limfjorden, where the view of kayakers and perhaps some interesting bird species await you.

During the summer months, the leaves almost entirely cover the walkway, creating a beautiful green tunnel that gently winds towards the shores of Limfjorden.

Forest walkway
Photo by Daniel Brandt
Water view from walkway

Perfect for a walk if you’re planning to spend the day downtown.

The Observatory in Sohngårdsholm Park.

The last stop on the mini-journey around the city centre will be at the Urania Observatory.

The observatory rises above the elevated Sohngårdsholm Park, offering a fantastic view of the city. The Urania Observatory was inaugurated in 1988 and houses Denmark’s largest publicly accessible refracting telescope, Urania Refraktoren.

Photo by Daniel Brandt

The surrounding park and trails invite you to a delightful stroll while learning about our solar system. 

There are informative signs along the path, providing deeper insights, so you’ll leave with new and fascinating knowledge about the world above us.

Photo: Daniel Brandt Photography 

Hammer Bakker and Pebermosen (12 km from Aalborg)

You don’t need to drive to the ends of the Earth to find wild and magnificent nature.

Just 12 km north of Aalborg, you’ll find the popular Hammer Bakker, which has plenty of beautiful surroundings.

For example, you can enjoy the day in one of the many lovely shelters scattered around the area.

Photo: Daniel Brandt Photography 
Photo: Daniel Brandt Photography

Furthermore, there are excellent mountain biking facilities. And if you prefer a more tranquil experience, you can sit by the shores of Pebermosen and enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you, wherever you look.

Hammer Bakker also offers many excellent hiking trails to get some meters under your belt.

Hou Harbor (27 km from Aalborg)

Set your GPS towards the northeast if you have more time and gas to spare.

Out towards the Kattegat, you’ll find the most beautiful little natural gem, Hou, which includes a fantastic (and #instaworthy!) harbour area.

Here, you can stroll among the red fishermen’s sheds, hop on a paddleboard, or walk along the east coast while the summer sun shines on the water.

Hou Harbor also holds the most fantastic, white sandy beaches, perfect for letting the little ones dip their toes in the water.

Boats in habour

The Dam at Gjøl (32 km from Aalborg)

Half an hour’s drive from Aalborg, you’ll find Gjøl Dam.

A narrow isthmus connects two shores, encompassing a small wetland area called Vejlen.

Photo: Daniel Brandt Photography

This picturesque area is home to a rich birdlife, which you can experience from the bird tower by the end of the dam. You can enjoy a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view while learning about the bird species provided by nearby information displays.

A visit here is simply essential. Park your car and take the short walk to the top of the “mountain” on the right side of Bjergets Vej when coming from Aalborg.

Rounder circle driveway in forest with water view

You will be rewarded with a fantastic view over the entire area.

In one of the mountain’s small pockets, you will find a brand new shelter (along with an accompanying toilet facility) that allows you to stay overnight with a view of Gjøl Bredning.

Fosdalen – Tranum Klitplantage (32 km from Aalborg)

Perhaps you have also dreamt of a summer vacation close to the equator, where tropical jungles with exciting wildlife await exploring.

If, on the other hand, you don’t mind skipping the beads of sweat dripping down your forehead, the risk of being bitten by a poisonous spider, and you want to spend your hard-earned money on large ice creams … then you can head towards North Jutland’s version of the jungle.

In Fosdalen – at Tranum Klitplantage – you can follow the trail through the green tunnel all the way down to the dunes, where the North Sea awaits you.

Forest walkway
Photo by Daniel Brandt

Here, you can truly immerse yourself in the magic of nature and sense how the ice age shaped these gorges millions of years ago.

Moreover, Fosdalen offers hiking trails for all kinds of feet, so adults and children can join in.

Svinklovene (50 km from Aalborg)

Undoubtedly, Svinkløv is synonymous with beach hotels and summer vibes, which is entirely accurate.

Indeed, several natural settings for the beloved TV series, Badehotellet, were filmed here. And with good reason.

Just south of Svinkløv Badehotel, you’ll find Svinklovene: the beautiful natural phenomenon, wrapped in a rugged green carpet, towering towards the wind-swept shores of the West Coast.

The sight is impressive, both from the beach and the top, where you can see Slettestrand in the north and Thorup Strand in the south.

Scattered around the dune plantation, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a good lunch, be challenged on the many mountain bike trails, or sit in the dunes and let nature come to you.

Photo: Daniel Brandt Photography

Rubjerg Knude (66 km from Aalborg)

If you’re up for an even more extended trip from Aalborg, this old classic is worth a drive.

Rubjerg Knude is undoubtedly one of Nordjylland’s most popular attractions and a place where you can’t go wrong, no matter the wind and weather.

The history of the lighthouse is also worth delving into. For decades, it’s been at war against the forces of our Earth, which led to its relocation of 70 meters a couple of years ago.

If you had dreamt of a Mediterranean vacation in the summer, then Rubjerg Knude is not a bad alternative either. Here, you’ll find one of Nordjylland’s two deserts.

Havde du drømt om en sydlandsrejse i sommeferien, så er Rubjerg Knude heller ikke et dårligt alternativ. Her finder du nemlig én af Nordjyllands to ørkener.

It’s a must-visit on a lovely summer day—or any day, actually.

Photo: Daniel Brandt Photography

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