Suspect sought: Intensive investigation underway into fallen tree incident

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

On Sunday, March 31, Nordjylland Police received a report at 22:55 that a tree had fallen onto the roadway near Store Blåkilde Parking on Møldrupvej near Arden.

Shortly after this, a passenger car collided with the fallen tree. However, no persons were injured. Nevertheless, the police took the incident very seriously, immediately dispatching patrols to the area and initiating an investigation into the circumstances.

This is the condensed summary of the case from the duty officer at Nordjylland Police, Police Commissioner Ole Buus, who elaborated on the ‘circumstances’ of the case as follows:

The caller, who lives near the scene, heard a chainsaw start up, which puzzled him.

Therefore, he went out towards the road to find the cause. There, he also heard some individuals, presumably 2-4 young men, laughing.

Shortly after, there was a loud crash – and the caller could see that a tree had fallen across the roadway.

And shortly after that, the caller observed a passenger car driving past him on Møldrupvej in an eastward direction towards Astrup.

Presumably, the car is a light-colored Skoda Citigo with an unknown license plate.


Taking the matter very seriously

The overall circumstances prompted Nordjylland Police to take the report extremely seriously, with the control center dispatching several patrols to the scene, including response leader, canine, and emergency patrols. Investigators were also immediately activated to conduct thorough examinations of all relevant evidence.

“And that’s the work currently underway. We take the matter very seriously – because it could have ended badly,” duty officer Ole Buus said, adding that a car actually collided with the tree shortly after it fell.

“Fortunately, there was only material damage, and no persons were harmed,” the duty officer emphasized.

How you can help

Nordjylland Police urge citizens who may have information about the light-colored Skoda Citigo with 2-4 young men to call 114. The same applies if you have seen or heard anything suspicious in the area around the time of the incident, such as the sound of a chainsaw.

Ole Buus added that the police are, of course, aware of the deeply serious incident in Sorø, where a man was killed when a tree fell onto his car:

“This is part of our overall considerations regarding the case, but the investigation is at a very early stage – and therefore, we cannot comment specifically on a possible influence, but we are investigating broadly and keeping our options open.”

However, Nordjylland Police can disclose that, in connection with the police investigation, information has been obtained about a few other locations in the area where trees and posts have been cut and toppled, though not onto a roadway.

“These pieces of information naturally form part of our investigation into the case – and if citizens have information about such matters, the police would like to hear about it,” Ole Buus said.

The police cannot provide further details on the specific investigative steps being taken, which may also evolve over time, but generally, this work involves interviewing witnesses, the caller, etc., and various inquiries in the area around the scene, as well as collecting and obtaining various technical evidence and searching various information, for instance regarding the car.

For the sake of ongoing investigative work, Nordjylland Police currently have no further comments.

“But if we receive crucial information in the case, the police will, of course, inform the public,” Police Commissioner and duty officer Ole Buus concluded.

Nordjylland Police are standing by the phones at 114 if anyone has information in the case.

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