Taller than Rundetårn: Final touches on Aalborg’s new landmark

by Shellie Boudreau
Foto: Studio Tomás Saraceno
Foto: Studio Tomás Saraceno

Right now, the final touches to Tomàs Saraceno’s completely unique sculpture Cloud City Aalborg are happening in Berlin, London, and Aalborg.

The 100 million kroner art project will be one of the world’s largest permanent art structures and is expected to grace Spritten in 2024 – but it’s already nearing completion.

Along with Olafur Eliasson’s Your Rainbow Panorama and James Turrell’s upcoming dome under Aros in Aarhus, Tomàs Saraceno’s Cloud City is one of the most significant publicly commissioned art on a monumental scale in Denmark ever. 

BIG/ Tomás Saraceno

A part of a new district

The artwork is located in the new Kunsthal Spritten and will be a part of this new district. Moreover, the new section will be home to a new Aalborg Theater, a micro-distillery, an organic chocolate factory, a market hall, a boutique hotel, and luxury apartments.

Cloud City will on top of this be one of the artist’s most ambitious projects ever.

The New York Times Roberta Smith wrote the following passage in connection with Saraceno’s large store exhibition at The Shed this year:

“Saraceno is a polymath on a mission. (…) His overarching goal might be summed up simply as getting humans to live right. This means getting them to understand that they are not the top of a pyramid of power in what is called the Anthropocene era, but exist on a horizontal plane with all non-humans, to which they should be sensitized and from which they have plenty to learn.

illustration: Dimension Design

Functional Artwork

Cloud City is more than an attraction to view from the outside. Additionally, the sculpture will be taller than Copenhagen’s famous Rundetårn and visible to the naked eye as flights land at Aalborg’s’ airport.

There is also a magical delight that can be experienced inside the prominent sculpture. You can be as high as the 5th floor and take a panoramic view of the city and Limfjorden.

Visitors will access the 30-meter-high sculpture, which incorporates visions of the future and a Cloud City, from Kunsthal Spritten.

Cloud City is made possible by Fonden Kunsthal Spritten by means of private donations from the following foundations and contributors: Det Obelske Familiefond , Ny Carlsbergfondet, Købmand Herman Sallings Fond, Spar Nord Fonden, Augustinus Fonden, A.Enggaard og Wagner Ejendomme.

Kunsthal Spritten is built by Fonden Kunsthal Spritten together with Realdania and Aalborg Kommune.

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