Taste-test: Here are Aalborg’s best strawberry pies

by Shellie Boudreau
Photo: Simone Kjølby Christensen
Photo: Simone Kjølby Christensen

The Danish weather and healthy dose of sunshine are making the brightest and juiciest strawberries to the fields in Denmark – take those berries and couple them with delicious pie crust and a layer of marzipan and vanilla cream. 

The result is a classic summer treat.

But which strawberry pie is the best for you? And what are the differences?  

Denmark grows some of the best strawberry fields of nature’s juicy and sweet creations. Thus, the appearance of the classic summer strawberry pie on the baker’s shelf is a welcomed reminder that summer has arrived.

But there are several to choose from, so which one should we welcome first? So what to do?

We set up a taste test, summarised our findings, and shared them with you.  As reporters, it is essential to be objective, so we tasted the pies without knowing their origin and summarised our experiences and the variation between these delicious pies here.

You can do it too, but here is a guide to get you started. 

Føtex, Slotsgade

The team agreed that the cake was visually pleasing and decorated with small, sweet summer strawberries and a lovely golden cream.

Unfortunately, none of us jumped up and down in terms of taste.

Both base and cream were soft and bland and lacked pronounced flavour. It wasn’t easy to taste the differences between crust and cream. 

Butter was used, but we still needed to get vanilla.

Even the strawberries tasted poor and were overripe, so there was room for improvement, to say the least.

Price: 95 kr.

Fru Søgaard

Visually, our first impression was that there was substance to this pie. 

The base was thick and dense and did not embody the classic strawberry tart with a Marzapin base. In addition, there was some shortbread cookie-like layer on top of the thick pie crust. 

But it did taste good and had an old-fashioned baked good feeling, although it was quite heavy.

Overall, Søgaard’s take on a strawberry tart was good if you are not looking for a classic one.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a good size bite, it’s worth a taste – however, we all agreed that more cream would be a dream.

Price: 4 for DKK 120 (more or less based depends on the number of guests…)

Guldbageren, Kastetvej

The Guldbagerens’ version of the classic strawberry tart was the ugly duckling. We hoped it would turn into a swan, but that story did not come to be.

The strawberry tart tasted like a strawberry tart but was neither good nor bad. And if you bought it home, no one would have complained or cheered wildly.

One way to describe it would be ‘neutral.’ Despite the massive amount of cake cream, we were not charmed.

Price: 80 kr.


Lagkagehuset’s baked goods rarely disappoint – thankfully so.

But what happens when you don’t know that it’s Lagkagehuset, and you must judge solely based on taste and appearance?

In the case of Lagkagehuset, knowing or not made no difference. At the editorial office, we all agreed that this was an excellent strawberry tart with precisely the proper proportions.

The marzipan base was delicious, while the cream (which had full vanilla flavour) danced on your tongue. Some thought this pie was too sweet, while others devoured it without concern.

Unfortunately, the strawberries lacked their usual sweetness and deliciousness and somehow did not deliver their end of the bargain. This may change when the strawberries reach peak season and after some more rain. 

Price: 120 kr.


Othellobageren’s strawberry pie would make your grandmother proud – it was perfectly presented. 

Around the sides, it was neatly wrapped to create a fixed form. Based on appearances, you would not know precisely where this pie was from, but the real question is how does it taste?

The base was sufficiently good. Neither excelling nor disappointing.

The Othello bakery replaced the classic cream with a more fluffy pink mousse.

Given that our mission was to find a Danish summer classic, this missed the mark.

Our impression was that that replacement tasted somewhat synthetic and yoghurt-like. This flavor was hard to describe and not exactly what we associate with a traditional strawberry tart. Rather we seek freshness.

Price: 105 kr.

Penny Lane

Wow, it’s beautiful! Penny Lanes strawberry tart was a clear beauty pageant winner. 

“You can see that it has the best strawberries”, shouted our team before we had even tasted it. And our eyes did not deceive us.

The strawberries, which we know are from Føltved, were so sun-kissed and delicious, and they topped a pie filled with a perfect amount of airy cream – with a good taste of vanilla – what was not to like?

Maybe the bottom. Hearing the controversial opinions about the pie crust was a bit fun. So on this one attribute, the team held a divided opinion. Whether you love it or not will depend on the outcome of your taste test. 

“I don’t like that,” said one while another exclaimed, “I like that!” as they continued to insist on giving 8 out of 6 stars.

If you’re searching for a classic Danish strawberry tart, this might not satisfy your quest, but Penny’s offer an innovative and delicious experience. 

Price: 135 kr.


There are rumours about the strawberry tart from Salling that whispered in our ears before this test. So, of course, this pie had to be on the sample list. 

Could a chain bakery be able to keep up with the independent classics, especially one operated by a major retailer? 

A positive vibe filled the air once sliced pieces began to make their rounds.  A delicate crack of a thin chocolate layer reached our ears as the knife cut through, triggering excitement. 

Next, our eyes gazed upon a cream so golden that it almost sparkled and yes, a proper amount of vanilla was infused too.

The base was relatively thin but also good – and the strawberries were delicious and flavorful.

There was no negative word to be said of this pie, and we all agreed it was the winner today. 

Price: 109 kr.

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