Tasty temptations: Sinfully good cakes you have to try in Aalborg

by Megan McPhee Christensen
Dream cake roll
Dream cake roll

The Prime Minister warns that restrictions may be extended and that means life right now is just not as fun as usual.

Hence, the least we can do is make sure there’s a little treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.

That’s why we’ve taken a look around Aalborg to find where the most delectable takeaway temptations are hiding.

Here are five cakes and desserts that you just have to taste.

Dessert tapas from Caféministeriet

The popular café in the center of Aalborg is still open for takeaway with their diverse tapas to-go boxes among other treats.

But what really gets right at the heart of us is their weekend dessert tapas box offer.

It contains, for two people:

Chocolate tarts with light chocolate mousse, candied plums, and white chocolate; Cheesecake with mango, roasted walnuts, and meringues; and Homemade rum balls.

If that can’t get the weekend off to a good start then nothing can.

While you’re there, you can also grab a few of their famous fastelavnsboller (“shrovetide bun”) to go with it. Among the flavors this year is one made with Baileys.

Read more about dessert tapas to-go here.

Espresso Choco Cheesecake

Behag din Smag on Gabels Torv is still open for to-go coffee and delicious cake-away. One of their big new releases is the so-called Espresso Choco Cheesecake.

It’s a heavy bandit that conjures up all the right sensations in the body.

Read more here.

Dream Cake Roll

At Surdejsbageren on Budolfi Plads there are fastelavnsboller, cardamom buns, huge cinnamon scrolls, and many other temptations.

But one which we think you really must try is their dream-cake roll that they regularly prepare fresh for takeaway.

If you’re not completely sold on the dream cake roll then not to worry – their wild Nutella rolls won’t disappoint either.

Read more here.

Dream cake roll
Nutella roll

New Fastelavnsbolle in town

There have been many delicious fastelavnsboller appearing around Aalborg but a whole new variation that has come to light is the Coffee/Salted caramel fastelavnsbolle from Lagkagehuset.

If you love the taste of coffee, cream, and a little salty kick then you will love this. Lagkagehuset also has many more huge fastelavnsbolle variations on offer in Meny by Østre Havn or in Skalborg.


Recently, we shared a new phenomenon that’s come to town. Namely, Cronuts, which you can find at Donut Shoppen and Bronuts.

As the name (maybe) suggests, Cronuts are the perfect hybrid between a croissant and a donut.

Now that Cronuts – or Brossaints as Bronuts have chosen to name theirs – have made it to Aalborg, you can test them out at both donut destinations.

The Cronuts come with various toppings so it’s just a matter of getting the taste testing started.

You’ll find Donut Shoppen on Boulevarden 40 and Bronuts on Dannebrogsgade 9. 

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