Tattooist and artist: Serhii has big dreams in Aalborg

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Alone Ink Studio.

The words adorn the glass window at Slotsgade 4, capturing the essence of what transpires inside.

Serhii Honcharov has opened a tattoo shop where he will, of course, tattoo, but he also plans to showcase and sell his art over time.

Thus, we have accounted for the last two words in the business name, but when it comes to “alone,” the tattoo artist emphasizes that it does not imply he is lonely.

On the contrary, the word symbolizes that he runs his business single-handedly and needs space to express himself.

There is also an immense amount of creativity unfolding within the 184 square meters. The Ukrainian is an artist, tattoo artist, entrepreneur, and on top of that, he programs games.

But it is his art that comes first. Art which has become his livelihood, passion, and life dream.

Big dreams for the future

Serhii has been drawing since he was a child, but while most let go of the pencil as they grow older, he has persisted.

Not only because he turned out to have enormous talent, but also because it is his way of dealing with life’s tough moments.

With a passport stating he’s Ukrainian, it is not hard to guess why Serhii is now in Aalborg, but it is not a topic he feels the need to delve into.

“It is what it is. Now I am in Aalborg. I have big dreams for the future, and I very much want to build my business and life here,” he says.

The plan is primarily to continue his long career as a tattoo artist and then add “art gallery” to the logo on the facade.

The artist’s preferred tools are pencils and graphite, which give a dramatic and contrasting effect that suits the lifelike motifs he draws well.

Limfjorden inspires him, as do the sailboats rocking on the sea and architecture from around the world.

Looking at the raw drawings, the expression is almost sculptural, and Serhii brings this to life in his beautiful tattoos.

Although he can also create very simple tattoos, it is the large projects that drive him, especially those he designs from scratch.

“I first draw by hand, and then I use the program 3D Max to visualize the tattoos on the client’s arm,” he explains, pointing to the computer screen, where a tattoo of a valkyrie adorns an arm.

“Danes like Viking tattoos,” he adds with a wry smile.

One gets the clear impression that Serhii is thorough and very detail-oriented. Nothing is left to chance, which is why he also holds in-depth consultations with clients to realize their ideas.

StartUp Club Aalborg is a lifeline

Serhii has only been in Denmark for about a year, but despite the challenges of adapting to a new country and building a network, it has not held him back from starting his own business.

“I couldn’t find a job in Denmark, so I wanted to quickly start my studio,” he says.

He quickly discovered, however, that many things in Denmark differ from Ukraine, and he also began his entrepreneurial journey with a few missteps.

Fortunately, he could get help from BusinessAalborg’s StartUp Club to navigate the Danish system.

“I went to StartUp Café Aalborg and spoke with entrepreneur consultants Tanja Hovgaard and Tommy Møllgaard Siim.

I couldn’t understand everything because I don’t speak Danish, and my English is not perfect either, but they helped me solve my problems,” explains the Ukrainian.

Tommy helped Serhii, among other things, to register the business correctly and also showed him a program he could use for bookkeeping.

“Before, I only had the internet to search for information, and there’s so much you can misunderstand. It’s not always that the text gets translated in an understandable way.

Now, StartUp Club Aalborg is my lifeline, and I can look forward,” says Serhii with an optimism that seems to characterize his outlook on life.

If you are interested in seeing more of Serhii’s work and art, you can follow him on his Facebook page and Instagram.

Do you have an idea you dream of making your livelihood? Book a meeting with one of BusinessAalborg’s entrepreneur consultants or read more about BusinessAalborg and StartUp Club here.

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