Tempted?: Here you can buy “æbleskiver” with chocolate filling

by Nathalia Hentze Nielsen

Christmas is just synonymous with … calories galore.

One of the Danes’ absolute favorite Christmas treats is and remains the classic “æbleskiver” (a kind of donut) – naturally with jam and powdered sugar.

But this year, you can up your æbleskiver game with a new variant.

Now you can buy æbleskiver with cocoa filling in selected supermarkets.

The æbleskiver are made by the company Jensens Pancakes, and they describe them as follows:

“A product that combines the good taste of æbleskiver with the flavor of chocolate. The product can be enjoyed cold or warm, and additional accessories are completely unnecessary.”

Is it a hit or miss? We have, of course, tested.

How do they taste?

Let’s start with the familiar.

The æbleskive itself tastes like a classic store-bought æbleskive, where the taste is neither outstanding nor scandalous. It’s the kind you can quickly devour 7-8 pieces of without problems, but without being 100 percent satisfied.

What about the filling?

It is clear that they have tried to achieve a kind of “Nutella filling,” and the ingredient list also reveals that there is hazelnut paste in the cocoa cream.

The cocoa cream tastes okay, but it’s far from the legendary Nutella taste … unfortunately.

The cream tastes mostly like the chocolate found in a classic chocolate biscuit. In other words: Neither good nor bad, but very cozy and nostalgic.

We could also wish for a bit more chocolate filling, especially since they chose to be unfaithful to the classic æbleskiver. Next time, we’ll dip the slices in an extra round of (REAL!) Nutella when we taste them.

Because it probably won’t be the last time we eat them.

We found the æbleskiver with cocoa filling in the freezer section at Netto for 20 DKK per bag.

If you’d rather “see” our verdict, watch here:

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